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Q: Am I going to be doing this for all of the episodes?
A: Probably not. I probably won't have the time. But sometimes there are just SO MANY FEELINGS and I need to get them out, you guys

- Ruby/Belle brOTP is definitely happening :D :D :D :D can you see these smiley-faces? there are more of them, but the rest are so happy that you can't see them, because the internet would break

- HOW AWESOME WAS THIS EPISODE? I mean, I missed Emma and Regina and Aurora and Mulan and Snow and all that lot, but they have so much screen-time already. I sort of like that there's more of an ensemble-cast going on this episode - its not just everything through Emma's (or Snow or Charming's) POV, we're getting even more of the story.

- I lovelovelove what they did with the Hook-storyline. I can see how someone would find it annoying that Rumple is getting more and more roles - Rumplestiltskin, the Beast, a Fairy Godmother, the Crocodile - but I'm sort of loving it. It makes sense, yeah? He has such a horrible reputation and it has to come from somewhere - added to the fact that all of these characters were affected by the curse, that was (as far as we know) only created so that this man could find his son. I mean, everything hurts and its awful, but its so understandable, isn't it? Finally FINALLY I can actually put my precious villains on a line and go SEE, DO YOU SEE FANDOM? THEY ARE MESSED UP AND BROKEN AND JUST REGULAR PEOPLE MAKING STUPID DECISIONS AND NOT ALWAYS BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO FIX THEIR MISTAKES!! and its not just subtext, its there.

- One thing thats frustrating about us seeing the past along with the present (but frustrating in a good way), is that now we know Rumple is trying to be a better man (though he definitely still slips up a lot), so its difficult to dislike him for what he did in this episode. I will forever stand up for Milah: yes, she definitely made mistakes. She should - and could - have done a lot different. But her life was miserable. She clearly loved Bae, but it wasn't enough. And of course, with a kid you have a huge responsibility, you shouldn't just throw that away, but in a society were Milah probably had little to no choice but to get married and have kids, the circumstances become even more understandable. She got a chance to be happy, you know? She made crap, crap decisions, but she owns up to it. And if you think she deserves her fate, then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends. I understand Rumple being angry at her, being unable to forgive her for what she did to him and their son, but that doesn't excuse him killing her. My baby is misunderstood and miserable, but he is also a ruthless bastard.

- Coming back to Hook (marrymemarrymemarryme) I am so pleased we got to see a pirate, who was very much a pirate, but still a somewhat good man. From the acting around Milah's death I don't think he loved her as much as she loved him (though did she love him or just what he represented? I'm not going into meta about this or anything), but he definitely, definitely cared for her - he lied for her and was willing to die without tattling on her in some last attempt to escape with his life. I'm still sort of hitting my head on my desk in annoyance, because the promos were so misleading - Hook was clearly not this vile, evil creature 'worse than Rumplestiltskin' as they said, he was a charming thief who ended up becoming extremely dangerous, because 'the Crocodile' stole two very important things from him. And can we appreciate his look of 'ohgodgetmeoutofhere' when Cora walked up to him? This is so diabolical, because in another version of this story, when Hook comes to Storybrook to mess things up, he's the hero. He has damn good reason for wanting revenge on Rumple (as do a lot of people) and as ever, things are definitely not as straight-forward as they seem. Apparantly the only truly evil character is Cora, and I'm sure we'll be hit with some tragic backstory very soon, that makes us all go 'd'aaaaw' anyway.

- I want Smee's hat. Now.

- Can we talk about Moe? And how much I hate him right now? I was very annoyed in Skin Deep when Rumple believed Regina's story about him shutting his own daughter in a tower, having her basically abused and almost shunning her. I pushed it aside, because it is easy for people like Rumplestiltskin to believe that others can do such vile things. But after this episode? Fuck's sake, dude. This is definitely a man who would do that to his daughter because he thought she'd been 'defiled'. I've yelled about parents abusing their children on this show before, and honey, you just made the list. None of what he did was okay, none of it. I am horrified and appalled and so very happy that Belle all but gave the two most important men in her life the finger, and walked out. BRAVE BEAUTIFUL BELLE, who takes control of her own life. Can we appreciate that she's not storming away from Rumple in a hissy fit? She tries to work things out, but it can't work when she's the only one who's trying. And she needs some time to think, needs to get away - and realizes that she needs to find some purpose in her life, something that has nothing to do with Rumple or her dad. Guysguys, do you know what this is? This is a woman, almost exactly saying out loud, on an American television show, that she needs to find out who she is for herself, and not with any man. CAN WE GET AN AMEN???

- Josh Dallas' arms. Josh Dallas' arms!!! Sorry, that was... some nice shit going on there.

- The library-scenes gave me so many Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' feelings. Rumple giving her the keys was perfect, and him finally being honest - honesty of the heart - was perfect as well. He still has such a long way to go - it can't just be fixed like that - but now Belle is aware of everything thats going on, she knows what motivates and drives him - his fear and his guilt and his longing - and that means that she can help him. Does her calling him back make her weak? No. She doesn't forgive him instantly. She doesn't run up to him with a kiss and a big smile. She decides - for herself - to give him another chance, because she loves him, and when you love someone, you take the good with the bad. You guys can keep your sword-wielding badasses and magic tricksters, Belle is the bravest person on this entire show (actually, I'd like to keep one or two of those badasses... like Snow and Emma and Hook and Josh Dallas' arms!!!)

- 'Sparkly dirt? Wonderful'
Okay, 1) it's clearly not Captain Hook, it's Captain Sassy, and 2) ... 'Is the jar of dirt going to help??' YOU ALL THOUGHT IT, DON'T PRETEND TO DENY IT!

- I just realized today that the guy who plays Jefferson is Bucky from Captain America and the guy who plays Charming (Josh Dallas' arms!!!!) is the guy who plays Fandral (the Asgardian swashbuckler with the moustache) from Thor. Also, Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, is Captain Kirk's dad in Star Trek XI. Guess who plays Captain Kirks' mom? Jennifer Morrison. Henry's dad is Thor you guys!!! I've solved the mystery! (and how many jokes have been made about this already? I think about a hundred. I am so behind, fandom, sorry!)

- I'm starting to really miss Regina. I want bonding-time people. Bonding-time!

- I think that was it. That about covered all of the things I flailed about this episode.

- oh

- except for one more thing

- 'What's the name of the place we're headed, Cap?'


- yes, that is me you can hear shrieking with joy. guuuuuuuhhh


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