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I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't I can't....

- I. Literally. Can't.

- Okay, first of all, because this is the only thought in my head: I think maybe Maleficent is going to return. Because we didn't see enough of her, and both Aurora and Henry had similar nightmares. What do they have in commen? The Sleeping Curse. Now, we know that Snow had nightmares because of this curse as well, but that was a much longer time ago, so it is not certain if the nightmares were similar to the red room Henry and Aurora keep seeing (and was I the only one who got 'The Shining' flashback when that was first said? ;) redrum redrum redrum...), and since it was Maleficent's curse...

- I just really want more Maleficent okay? We have none of her backstory, we don't know why she cursed Aurora, how she met Regina, why the hell she got a pet unicorn...

- I also think this episode almost completely establishes that Henry's father isn't Baelfire. I mean, Neal was... he wasn't, was he? Obviously its still open - whatever August showed him (WHAT DID HE SHOW HIM??? I NEED TO KNOW!) must have been very effective, and if he was Baelfire it would have been easier to convince him. BUT I think there would have been more shock involved, wouldn't there, like 'holy jesus christ, the girl I'm in love with is from the same world that I am'. I mean, holy flippin' coincidence. I am actually really happy that he wasn't a Fairytale-character, because that is just too much of a coincidence.

- I kind of want to punch August in the face. No, I mean, it was SO NICE seeing him again, it really was, but... okay, he did the right thing in the end, but it was almost too late. I just hope, when we get him back he's learned from his mistakes.

- The car!!! The necklace!!! I love how this shows how desperate Emma actually is for love, in a way: because tbh, I would have probably thrown the key-chain/necklace away (I would've kept the car, because I was just out of jail and free car!), but she still has it, ten years later, even though she thinks Neal basically just used her and then threw her away. That's really profound, especially for someone like Emma who can store all of her belongings in three boxes.

- I can really understand why Emma lied to Henry about his father now: not that it wasn't stupid, but Henry doesn't need to know (yet) that both his parents led a dazzling life of crime for such a long time, and then his dad set his mom up, and Henry got born in prison. It also gives more meaning to why Emma gave Henry up - at this point she has never had a normal life, and she isn't even sure she can take care of herself.

- This also means that Neal has no idea Henry even exists, right?

- OH

- MY


- (bah, I'm ill, I can't really gather my thoughts)

- Emma and Snow. Emma and Snow! Can you just be on my screen all the time? I love their relationship to bits and pieces. Snow tackling Mulan to the ground was one of the greatest moment of television ever - and Emma telling Mulan to cut down the beanstalk in the first place was so very Emma.

- Hook is turning out to be kind of a sleazy bastard around Emma, and I'm sort of glad she handcuffed him (yay for smart main characters who makes mistakes but don't fall for every obvious plot), but TATTOO WITH MILAH'S NAME. Oh god, right in the heart (pun very much intended...)

- The giant being not just a villain, but an actual character pleased me so much. History is written by the victors indeed...

- 'I'll send you a postcard', well August, at least you got ONE THING right

- The next time someone bashes Aurora by saying she is spoiled and selfish, I will rub this episode in your face so hard you will be blind for a year. She offered to be the one to risk her life, going up to the giant, and not out of some hissy 'I can do this too!' fit, but because as she said, she has no-one left she loves. If she fails, the others, namely Snow and Emma, can still go home and be happy.

- I'm really surprised Snow let Emma go up though, but they were sort of running out of time. And yay for not being a patronizing mother and realizing that your daughter has survived almost thirty years on her own - and also killed a dragon not, what, four days ago?

- I'm still mad at August. He did what he thought was best, but... look, people of this show, stop messing up other's lives and then give excuses like 'it's for your own good'. It's mostly parents doing it (Maurice, I am side-eyeing you like fuck here), but this definitely counts too. Yeah, Emma is clearly not on the right path, but how is taking the only person who loves her away from her going to help? No, really, August, I am trying to think of reasons to why that is a good idea, and I'm coming up blank. Why? Why?? WHY??????

- And then you steal her money. You bastard.

- (okay, I still love you, damn it, but I kind of wish you'd get hit by a truck right now. Not a big one, just a small one, with a short hospital stay or something. Damn you August)

- I'm a little bit in love with Neal to be honest. Yeah, he's a thief, but he is incredibly honest and he clearly cares so much about Emma - he's a good man, really, and I am very happy that we've learned that. I just ship Emma with Emma, because she's bamf and needs no man (and ohgod, Emma/Graham gave me such a wonderful episode and TORE MY HEART APART and nothing was right with the world), but... at the end of the day, maybe Henry could get his entire family back? Idk, I just want Neal to come to Storybrooke and be incredibly badass (and find out that he has a fucking son. He doesn't know right????? How could he??)

- The Lost Boys were mentioned! It's not Peter Pan on my screen, but it's pretty close! *does dance*

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