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You know what? I ask this show to deliver. And then it does.

- Meghan Ory is actually quite talented. She's showed her worth already in 'Red-Handed', but this allowed her to go with a lot of different aspects. We get to see Red right after her killing Peter, and how vulnerable she is, as opposed to the confident lady we see her as under the curse. And back in Storybrooke, Ruby is torn up and tormented, but also so very determined.

- Some parts of the episode felt a bit off, but I think that is mainly because we don't have all of the story: I expect we'll see some background and Red telling Granny off for lying to her about the whole parents-not-being-dead thing, because JESUS WOMAN. Isn't it enough that you keep it from her she's a bloodthirsty beast three nights of the month? Not to mention she is now responsible for both her True Loves and her mother's death and OHMYGOD RUBY YOU JUST CAN'T CATCH A BREAK PLEASE COME OVER HERE AND LET ME GIVE YOU A HUG! These things are major factors in her decision to tie up Belle and escape to face the crowd, because... well, as she says. Doesn't she have it coming? She's killed people.

- And yes, it does make a difference that she didn't kill Billy. Not only in the whole 'set-up' thing, but also because this proves that she can manage her condition, and while I wouldn't recommend any of the villagers go up and poke at her while she's transformed, it also means she is no more a danger to the town than some tired person behind the wheel of a car. And with crazies like King George, she is definitely not what they need to fear much.

- Speaking of Georgie-boy CAN I PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE??? And how much did I love that there was alluded to MAJOR CHARMING/GEORGE BATTLE-OFF IN FTL?? We get to see that right??? I WANT SWORD-FIGHTING! GIVE ME SWORD-FIGHTING!

- Also, damn you for burning the hat. JEFFERSON'S BEAUTIFUL HAT! NOT OKAY GEORGE! God. You really are a bastard.

- Belle and Ruby continue to have an awesome relationship - and Belle continues being awesome in general. But I'd like to focus on Red and Snow first, because... guh. I had to do an essay on the Grimm fairytale Snow-White and Rose-Red and I am SO HAPPY that the writers decided to make these characters practically sisters, like in that story. It works so well, and Ginnifer and Meghan have a great dynamic. They both play the younger, softer version of their characters so well, and it is breaking my heart.

- Everything in this episode is just breaking my heart. Billy :( Quinn, who was annoying but pretty :( Ruby's mom! (whose name I've already forgotten, but... oh well)

- Someone mentioned in the last review that Henry and Aurora was probably seeing each other with the whole 'he's... she's' thing AND POINTS FOR YOU. Also points for me for correctly guessing that it had to do with the sleeping curse. Let's ignore that that one was kinda obvious BECAUSE I WANT SOME POINTS.

- Finally FINALLY some Henry/Regina interaction. I am dancing in joy. It's not the heart-to-heart and sweetness that I want, but it was Regina taking care of and looking over Henry... and asking Mr. Gold for help instead of taking care of the clearly magical problem herself... I'm so proud of you Regina, you're making my heart burst. I'm giving you a standing ovation!

- I'm going to believe Gold when he says that helping Henry is for free this time, because while we should suspect EVERYTHING that happens on this show, he does sort of maybe owe Henry, because our little kid played a huge part in breaking the curse and everything. Also, Gold is also trying to become a better person, to become someone that deserves Belle and someone that deserves to get his son back, and refusing to help a scared, little boy is definitely not the way to go. I'm proud of you as well, Rumple!

- Granny CONTINUES TO BE FUCKING AWESOME. Yeah, there's been some asshattery along the way (what? that's a real term. it is), but then she wields a crossbow like a badass, and suddenly I can forgive her (even if it is another person taking someone's choices away from them for their own good, BUT it is not as extreme as certain other people *cough*Maurice*cough*Cora*cough*, and she's wised up a lot later and LEARNED FROM HER MISTAKES instead of continuing down the path of Assholeness). 'The next one goes between your eyes.' Can you move in with me please?

- Charming/David continues to grow on me. He screws up, but he's gotten on the right track and he is such an amazing friend to Ruby here. I'm a firm believer in the whole 'innocent until proven guilty', and in this world of magical enchantments and people with some serious grudges, nothing is as it seems: he's learned from not believing in Mary Margaret and I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. GOSH, Y'ALL, I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH THIS EPISODE!!

- ... Okay, there was maybe one point where I thought Ruby was going to die. When the mob advanced on her (and, like, the wolf has killed a dozen armed guards like it was nothing before WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA GEORGE WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID GEORGE??), I got so scared. When the scene with David walking towards her kept going so slow, and she was growling at him and... I've clearly just stopped expecting good things. Ruby, I'm so glad you're not dead.

- Has Henry grown? He's become bigger. Gosh, maybe by the end of this season he'll have a deep voice and everything. Or maybe next season. IT WILL BE WEIRD EITHER WAY. You're not allowed to grow up!

- THANK-YOU FOR THIS EPISODE IT WAS REALLY NICE SHOW! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go hug me some characters. I've build up quite the list.

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