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I want to talk about this in a somewhat chronological (and coheret) fashion. There are a lot of things to like about this episode, though it mainly is a decvice in furthering the plot - and that's okay. The episode was still action-packed and suspenseful, and sometimes episodes like this can be very slow for the sake of getting explaining out of the way. I enjoyed this episode. I really did. Well, up until the screaming started.

- Okay, first of all I want to start off by saying WE GOT TO SEE BELLE AND RUMPLE ON THEIR DATE!!! Granted, it was interrupted, BUT WE GOT TO SEE INTERACTION AND THEM BEING CUTE WITH EACH OTHER AND BEING IN PUBLIC TOGETHER, which is a very important step, people. Clearly, Gold is not liked. Why should he be? But Belle doesn't let that stop her. She knows he's trying to become a better person, and she'll be the one to decide if a person is worth it or not, thank-you. They were on a dater guys! I actually had to pause the episode in order to just sit and squee for a moment.

- That being said, Gold... 'You remember Regina, right, the woman who locked you up for 28 years?' I know you're trying to make Regina leave, but please think of Belle here. That is not something nice to be reminded of, especially not in public where anyone might hear. And it's really not their business. Jackass move, Gold, jackass move.

- The whole plan - stopping Cora by getting information from Henry through Aurora - was actually a good one. That being said, David going under the sleeping curse was, imo, a stupid move. I can see why it was done - god, can I see why it was done. But, as was proven, it didn't end very well. The town is now without a Sheriff and morale voice, and while I'm sure people such as Ruby, Archie and others will be willing to step in and make sure the people in Storybrooke stay civil, David was a strong and much-needed front-figure for many of them. He's proven his worth, and now... well, now he's fucking sleeping until his wife gets home. And okay, so I love that now Snow gets to save Charming, and to save him from the same curse as he once did her, but dammit. Now you're stuck down there, the amulet that was protecting Henry is broken and YOU'RE STUCK DOWN THERE. You had no idea if kissing Snow in the dream would work or not, but you knew Henry would be out of there as soon as he woke! AND DID I MENTION YOU'RE STUCK THERE NOW????

- Speaking of sleeping curses, Henry yet again proved his worth. You can't expect even a fully-grown person to be as brave as Henry has been (just in this episode even), and yet there he is, hardly eleven years old and braving the storm. Henry, you don't listen to what the big bad fandom says, you are awesome and so brave and I love you.

- We also got Regina and Henry interaction and it was sweet and genuine and so touching and... okay, so I teared up a little bit. I also teared up a lot in the Snow/Charming reunion. Ginnifer's acting kills me (Josh is very good as well, but Ginnifer!!) and I love what she pointed out: the 'I will always find you' mantra, means that there will always be a need to find each other. They are forever losing their family, time and time again.

- Regina and Henry holding hands, and her assuring him that she hasn't used magic (much) is a scene I have already replayed three times now.

- The umbrella Cora is holding when she's talking to Hook at the beanstalk: it looks almost exactly like the one Regina has in 'Skin Deep', when she's talking to Belle (it might even possibly be the same one). Extremely nice job, costume department.

- I don't really like that Emma is suddenly blaming everything on Regina? Granted, it is her fault, the curse and everything, and the whole thing with Daniel and Snow doesn't justify it... but it was just... it doesn't sit well with me. Emma suddenly blaming Regina? Even after everything she's experience by Cora's hand in FTL? When Snow has told her that Cora is worse than Regina, and also right after Snow has explained that Regina is the way she is because of what Cora did? Sure, Regina chose to blame Snow as much as she blamed her mother, and that was not okay at all (TWELVE THE GIRL WAS TWELVE FOR FUCKS SAKE). On the other hand, Emma has so many reasons to resent Regina, and she can't always be the bigger person. She does have a right to be angry with her, and she never really got a chance to after the truth was discovered. I mean, they are partly stuck in FTL because of Regina. (no, actually, I'm happy to blame that on Gold)

- Speaking of evil... Cora has a zombie-army. I laughed. So hard. I mean, its terrifying and I love this show for even going there - we technically already saw it with Daniel, but he was just a lone zombie, this is... magnificent. (or it was. at first....)

- If anyone is mad at Mulan after this episode, let me just say that I get it. Her last purpose in life is taking care of Aurora. Aurora's safety comes before anything, especially before these two people who she has only just met and who she might still somehow feel are partly responsible for Phillip dying. She was trying to go save Aurora. She was trying to save Aurora...

- Also, to all of you Aurora-haters who scoffed at her after already the first episode: take that! How fierce was she in this one? How brave? How absolutely selfless? Sure, I think maybe Cora was right: a part of her was hoping that she could come with them to Storybrooke, and find a new life, but that doesn't negate what she told Mulan: she's free of the sleeping curse, and even without Phillip, every day is a gift. A gift she's going to spend on something worthwhile. She wants to help Emma and Snow, genuinly, because she is a good person. She is also my new Queen of Sass. Y'all others can just back away now. You don't always have to wield a sword or a bow to be a strong female character.

- Even if Aurora did need to be saved.

- I mean, Mulan tried to save Aurora.

- Aurora is a great character.

- I mean, apparantly even Hook likes her.

- Aurora has just grown on me so much, guys.

- All Mulan has left is to try and keep Aurora safe

- And hey, Phillip might come back. Aurora's going to be happy about that.

- You know. Aurora...

- Excuse me while I go and fucking sob my eyes out in this corner and never leave no everything is fine why are you even asking, there's nothing disturbing about this episode no nothing, its just a plot-device its just futhering things its not important

- Nothing is okay. Nothing.

Date: 2012-11-27 07:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Belle and Rumple on their date was a serious 'flails like a crazy person' moment. Seriously, I just couldn't sit still! Belle knowing he's hated but still deciding that she'd be the one to judge whether he was allowed into her life... YES!!

Though, Rumple, you were doing so well til you introduced Regina...

I admit, I think Charming's idea was really rather stupid as well. I mean, good job, he must have known there was a risk but he did it anyway.
BUT!! I can understand the reasons he did it, and it kind of made me appreciate him a bit more. To protect his grandson (AND BY THE WAY, HENRY IS AWESOME AND BRAVE AND BRILLIANT AND JUST AMAZING!) and to maybe see his wife again, who he keeps losing. He might not always think, but he wants to protect those he cares about.

REGINA AND HENRY FEELS!! I WAS PRACTICALLY SQUEEING OVER EVER SINGLE LITTLE THING THEY SAID! It was so precious to see them together, especially Regina, who's trying so hard to be what Henry needs.

Yeah, I agree about Emma suddenly blaming everything on Regina, I mean yes, there's some fault there but still, she's not the only one who's responsible. But then, Emma has never been perfect and I don't think she's thinking entirely clearly. But still...

OH Mulan, you can't blame her. She's lost her closest friend and the only thing he asked of her before he went was to look out for Aurora and she was taken. Of course Mulan is going to be willing to do what it takes to get her back. Because like you say, she's only known Emma and Snow for a short time, they don't hold that same meaning to her.

AURORA, NOOOOOOO! She was so brilliant and brave and stood up to Cora and did so perfectly, and so what if she was maybe hoping to go to Storybrook, could you blame her? SHE WANTS TO HELP, NOT BECAUSE SHE HAS TO BUT BECAUSE SHE CAN!


Date: 2012-11-28 06:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
He was doing really well. Magic ketchup... he's so different when he's with Belle, and I'm loving it :D and I love the idea that, even though its True Love (which we know because of the kiss), they still have to work for it.

I can see how him and Regina wouldn't be happy about Henry going back there, but they simply did not have enough certainty and information to let Charming do it. Henry was hurt yes, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed by Mr. Gold, clearly. On one hand, I can see how throwing a ten-year old back into that really really isn't a good idea, but they needed to be more certain of what they were doing before they threw Charming in there. They could have done it with Regina instead, as she is not as important to the town and she knows more about magic. But it was a very Charming-like thing to do, so at least it was in-character.

I have been waiting for that scene for weeks, and it made me so insanely happy! Ugh, you guys *hugs the Mills*


The ending killed me. When we didn't see what Hook had in the satchel, I thought for sure we wouldn't see what it was at all in that episode: kind of like how we wasn't shown what was in the box in Tallahassee: basically, the objects would be the same thing. I ALMOST SHRIEKED IN HORROR WHEN I REALIZED WHAT WAS HAPPENING! THAT WAS NOT OKAY. NOT A SINGLE PART OF THAT WAS OKAY!!

Date: 2012-11-28 10:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The magic ketchup!! He was trying so hard. I agree though, it's nice to know that even though it's True Love, they have to work for it. Belle is not going to just accept what Rumple wants and for her he'll try to be a better person.

As you say, I understand about them being scared for Henry, but they took such a great risk sending Charming in without all the information. It was a very Charming thing to do, yes. BUT HE COULD HAVE GIVEN SOME THOUGHT TO HENRY! Who's now had his Mum and grandparents returned to him, only to have them ALL GO AWAY AGAIN!.

And that's why I will join you in hugging the Mills! Poor babies :(


What ending? Nothing happened. Hook didn't have anything in the satchel *Puts hands over ears and starts singing*
So I might still be in a little denial...

Date: 2012-11-29 07:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Exactly. There is much crap to happen yet. I just hope the writers won't completely crush our souls...

It was too dangerous a move tbh. Way too dangerous, and I think a bit lazy on the writers part. I can't possibly see why they would do it, storyline-wise? But I guess it means that Emma and Snow will be returning sooner rather than later, because there is only so long David can be out of comission yet? Or maybe we're getting more FTL backstory from before the curse. And yes, Henry :( :(

*hugs you and joins in on the denial*

Date: 2012-11-27 09:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I was going to comment from school, but I ran out of time then :)

Can I just point out the fact that: Regina and Rumple did something together. I mean, they teamed up. Which is, basically, exactly what I wanted. Even the scenes were the way I hoped they would be. So... Massive. Flailing. Here. :D This show is actually doing what I want it to do. Magic.
This pretty much applies to the whole episode: Rumple/Belle date (with epic Robert Carlyle faces), Rumple and Regina getting a common enemy, Regina & Henry feelings (she was perfect in that episode, the potion-making scene broke my heart a bit), Hook being horrible but Colin's acting was brilliant and I think I really love Hook now, AURORA!!!! (Do I need to tell you about Aurora?! And I don't get the hate, I really don't, because Aurora is epic and asdfghjk it's Sarah Bolger, how can you not love her? Ahem... so I really liked Aurora here.), Colin and Sarah's chemistry because 'wow' and also all the Tudors feelings, Cora (I like her as a villain), Henry was super cute and yes, I love Henry, the Twin Peaks vibe with the dream-world thing, and more...

The few things that bugged me:
- I liked the zombie-plot, so I think it was underused.
- David getting the sleeping curse... Idk, not a fan.
- Emma saying 'Regina is to blame'. Where did that came from?
- The good guys are starting to annoy me a bit, like they always do after a while. I love my villains trying to redeem themselves more :) But it's a bit of a letdown because I loved Emma so far, and she sort of let me down here.
- "You found me" is getting repetitive :/
- WTF happened to Aurora, I mean they'd better not hurt my baby!

Date: 2012-11-28 07:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes exactly! While Rumple was very much 'pffff, Cora', he did take it very seriously when it counted - and when Regina pointed out to him that he has a weakness now. I can only imagine what will happen if Cora harms Belle in some way :/ it doesn't say anything good about Gold's redemption. But I did love the scene with him and Henry, when he told him the 'goodnight-story'. It reminded me of how loving and caring a father he used to be, and I really needed that after the horrible sides we saw to him in 2x04 and 2x05. It was a good reminder.

His faces was epic in that scene! :D so was Belle's - I loved their talk about ketchup. And Henry and Regina, it was like Christmas come early that scene between them!! And I love how Hook keeps us guessing. Even now I'm still not totally sure of his allegiances - I think he is as likely to double-cross Cora completely (as he only semi-crossed her this time? I'm not even sure!!), and I don't think he cares who he harms, as long as he gets his revenge. He's just going with the side most likely to win, and since Cora is as ruthless as he can be, he's betting on her. I just hope we get more flashbacks of him - and of Milah as well. I really do want to see more of those two. AND PETER PAN! GIMME SOME PETER PAN.

Aurora... Aurora. I'm not even sure to how to talk about Aurora. I did not see that coming. Not from a mile away. Especially with the heavy implications that Phillip might be coming back. I mean, I'm pretty sure the actor signed up for more episodes, but of course that could just as well be for flashbacks (we're sure to be getting some Mulan backstory at some point). But now... it's just... I'm not. I mean, she's dead. She has to be... dead. Cora controls zombies. Zombies are dead. And we have never seen someone getting their heart torn out - even with magic - who made it. Daniel was the only exception, and I would rather Aurora stay dead than come back like that....

I can't even comprehend what the writers did. I'm just so shocked and awe and the part of me that isn't screaming in frustation is loving it, because this is exactly what I want out of a show. I want shows that aren't afraid to cross the line and be daring, and the whole concept of the show was a huge gamble that they just took and went with and it worked and oh god, season two is shaping up to be as good, if not even better, than season one, even if the premise is so changed and... ugh, I'll stop ranting now, but right now everything hurts and I'm loving every minute of it.

- I'm hoping we'll se more zombies, because that was a cool trick to have for Cora, I thought and then I thought that we'll get to see intelligent!zombie!Aurora and now I have to go drown myself or something
- I'm in two worlds about David and the curse. I mentioned to fogsblue above that I would have actually liked to see Regina go under it instead. It would have made more sense, as she is not the damn Sheriff of the town and she knows much more about magic, plus it would be incredibly selfless of her to do, and I think we still need to see more of that for her. It would be a huge step in terms of her redemption. Emma blaming her is definitely going to set her back a lot, and I'm not liking the idea that Emma will be the one causing rifts when she gets back; that is no good for Henry either, especially now that Regina is trying so hard.

Date: 2012-11-29 05:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
No, please, not Belle, I need my shippy feelings, okay? :/ But I have a feeling they'll come after her to hurt Rumple, so yeah...

Yep :D (Though I'm going to be nit-picky again and say that I have a little problem because I think the on-screen interaction between Carlyle and Lana Parrilla is much better than the one he has with Emilie de Ravin. The exchange with Regina felt more natural and intense to me than the one with Belle. Idk, I really love that pairing but sometimes I think Emilie overacts a bit. And definitely not saying that on Tumblr, otherwise I'll get lots of nasty comments ;))
Christmas indeed, I absolutely loved Regina in this episode, her characterization is layered and subtle and it's amazing :)

Well... What the hell happened, because actually I'm not sure I completely understood. When did Hook take her heart? (My sister says it's probably before he even wakes her up. She's smarter than me.) And is she dead? I mean Graham wasn't dead before Regina crushed his heart, he was half-alive or something, wasn't he? Maybe there is a way someone can get their heart back? I'd be really, really sad if this is the end of Aurora. Though there will be flashbacks, I hope, given that we know next to nothing about her backstory with Maleficient, and Mulan's story has yet to be told as well.
From a viewer's point of view, I agree, it was excellent. My feelings weren't as happy though.

If you do I'll have to come with you because I had the same reaction
Ooh, Regina going under it would have been very interesting. But then, who would have woken up? Does even Henry love her enough, and does anyone? (My poor baby...) But it would have been an interesting twist. Idk, I don't like David taking the curse and leaving Henry alone with Rumple and Regina. I mean, Regina loves Henry, and Rumple is always kind to him (the 'soft spot' theory again), but from David's perspective... Idk, I'm tempted to label that as a bit irresponsible. And exactly, I still don't get Emma's comment, it was a pointless line.


Date: 2012-12-01 08:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think, with the way Hook is turning out, they'll be writing him as thinking it 'poetic justice' to steal from Rumple exactly what Rumple stole from him - a hand and a love. I'm pretty sure he's never actually outright said 'I want to kill Rumplestiltskin', he's only said 'exact my revenge on him' or 'get my revenge' or something of the like. It is definitely not as simple as just killing him. If he does try to harm Belle, no matter´how much I love Hook on my screen, Ruby totally has my permission to wolf out and eat him.

Hmmm, I can see where you're coming from (though I like Emilie de Ravin's acting a lot), and the dynamic between Lana and Carlyle is absolutely amazing - especially flashbacks contrasted with present-time. It is very subtle, how she's not as intimidated by him anymore, but still a little bit because he is stronger than her. And yeah, that's the downside of tumblr -.- I think I would delete my user if it didn't de-stress me so much to look at some of the things there: I do relax a lot. Of course, then some idiot says something sexist or something horrible about Henry in the ouat tag and I see red!

I don't know when he took it - I like your sister's theory, but I thought he did it when, as she's about to run away, he grabs her arm and says 'Give Emma a message for me' or something. And yeah, Graham was alive. I mean, we did see him help Charming, even when he was still under Regina's influence and everything... I do think Aurora has the strength to rebel or something (especially if Phillip does come back), but it would be so frightingly easy for Cora to crush her heart...
My feelings are definitely not happy - but I did love the surprise. I was spoiled for a few things during this episode, and I knew Aurora was going to be taken prisoner, but I didn't even have a single inkling of what was going to happen in the end, and it was such a shock!

Hmm, good point. Henry maybe? But he's probably not completely there yet (at least in terms of trusting her). Oooh, now I want Regina's redemption to end with her going under some curse to save the town, and Henry waking her up like Emma woke him BECAUSE FEELINGS. And yes, it was very irrespeonsible of David - not to mention a decision that was taken way too quick.


Date: 2012-12-01 10:13 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Lol, exactly, she can do whatever she wants with him, but the must be no killing Belle or Rumple or Regina.

I'm having such a Tumblr relapse. *facepalm* So I get you. I have phases of compulsive reblogging, it helps so much with the stress. I've even made new graphics and signed up to an OUaT Secret Santa. What have I done? (I'm avoiding the OUaT tag because apparently there were Rumple spoilers or something, and I wish people would tag their spoilery posts. /rant)

I know, it's scary... But I don't want to lose hope that Aurora will be 'okay'. She's grown so much on me, and, well, I won't be happy if they've casted Sarah Bolger to kill her off this quickly! (Also I loved 'Sleeping Beauty' so much when I was little, I was bound to love Aurora :))

OH MY GOD YES WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN! I wonder what Regina will have to do to 'finalize' her redemption process. I'm pretty sure there will be something. It scares me a bit, because I want her to stick around as well, not get killed!

Date: 2012-12-02 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Exactly! :D and ooh, what's the Secret Santa for? Is it fic or icons, or other? I'm avoiding the ouat tag a lot as well, especially in the weekends right before episodes (as I don't watch them until Monday evening). I tend to scroll quickly past whenever there is something like that, but I have been spoiled for some stuff. I also couldn't resist seeing the promo for 2x09 today and ohmyfuckinggod!!. So excited. But they're taking a winter break now :( :(

I was on the 'official' ouatwiki (I have a thing for reading the random trivia for the episodes and such) and in Aurora's info it said: Status: Alive (heart taken by Cora). So if she's still being classified as alive (just zombiefied/put under someones thrall) then there is definitely hope! I liked Aurora from the start (because Sarah is a queen) and she's grown so much on me and we haven't even seen her and Mulan hug or anything and I want them to be epic BFFs forever :( :(

But I feel the same way about Rumple - what's going to happen when he finds Bae? If Bae is really Neal, then after all this time - and knowing that Rumple has hurt thousands of people in just trying to get to him - how can he accept him just like that? There's so much pain and hurt, and if Bae really is all grown-up and not still a child then its going to be much harder I think. And it is such a delicate balance - if Rumple didn't have Belle, and if Regina didn't have Henry, then they would have no substantial reason for trying to be better, and it is so horribly easy to take those touchstones away from them :(

Date: 2012-12-02 07:48 pm (UTC)
ext_830484: ({Once} ++ Emma)
From: [identity profile]
It's anything I like, but the prompt is 'Jane Austen AU', so I think I'm going to write a Persuasion-style fic. Though I need to check Carlyle's filmography, I really don't know if he's ever been in a period drama...
(ETA: forgot to specify that it's a Rumple/Belle Secret Santa, hence the comment about Carlyle and costume drama. You're going to think I'm obsessed, lol. I kinda am.)
I think I was spoiled by a Rumple/Belle vid, but I closed my eyes very quickly, so I'm not sure... I'm really excited about 2.9 (though I deliberately didn't watch the promo, just enough to make sure Gold and Regina were in it, lol). But then the break is going to be tough on us, me doesn't want :(

That's good news! She really need to not-be dead.

Exactly, it's going to be tough for Bae, for Rumple, for everyone. I believe in redemption, but Rumple and Regina have gone too far so many times, it's going to take a lot for them to go back from that.
(Though this Bae thing is confusing me. I mean, Gold was stuck in Maine for 28 years, which would make least 45? And that's assuming Rumple brought them to our world in the same time period that Bae was sent to, and given that Rumple is more than 300 years old, that's very unlikely. It makes the whole Neal being Bae theory less plausible now that I think about it. If we keep things logical, Bae should be dead by now. Sorry I'm being morbid, but I was thinking about it yesterday and it occurred to me :( Obviously it's a fairy tale show, so we can still hope it will all be okay!)
(Also: my sis made my dad watch OUaT, and my dad actually liked it, lol. It helps that he thinks Robert Carlyle is super talented, but he was like 'hey, this is actually good', which I really did not expect. Family conversion is en route :))
Edited Date: 2012-12-02 08:15 pm (UTC)

Date: 2012-12-03 05:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds like a lot of fun :D if you do come across Carlyle in a period drama, do let me know because... *drools*
(I'm obsessed as well, though with this entire show. WATCHING 2X09 RIGHT NOW AND AAAAARGH!!!!!)

And right when its Christmas too! The holidays! They can't deprive us of episodes in the holidays, that's so cruel :(

The way I understand it is that - as had been said by Rumple in the show as well - Bae was transported through space as well as time. So, it's kind of like Doctor Who: Bae was sent to any given time in our world, and then Rumple designed the curse to transport them to the same space and time as his son, give or take a few years (hence why Bae might still be a child or might be an adult). At least, that's the theory I'm sticking with - we've even had proof, when Regina collected the apple in 2x21 - she got it 28+ years later, right after Snow had taken a bite, because it was transported through both space and time.

That's so lovely! :D my dad doesn't watch anything but crime shows, but now that Merlin is over soon I might be able to convince my mother to watch some episodes of ouat with me... hmm...

Date: 2012-12-03 06:41 pm (UTC)
ext_830484: ({Once} ++ Snow White)
From: [identity profile]
Yup! If I manage to find a decent beginning, that is... Ha, I will ;) I swear, every time I find an actor super talented, you can be sure that two months later I actually find the man really attractive. I'm not sure how that works. *facepalm* Though obsessed with the entire show and cast as well :)

I know, especially as it will be Merlin's last ep and... :( Hopefully DW's Christmas Special will be better than last year, but I'm not getting my hopes up...
Aah, okay, that makes sense. I like that version better actually :)

Operation OUaT family! Let me know if you manage to convert your mother ;) My mum was pre-converted. When I started watching she came into the living room and started shouting 'Oh my God, it's Robert Carlyle!'. Lol, because we're Cracker fans, and he was just so good in Cracker, so the man has traumatised us ages ago. Also us girls like fairytales, but I didn't expect my dad to find the show interesting! I also converted my parents to The Hour, so my tv record with them is pretty good atm!

Date: 2012-12-04 01:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol, it's the exact same for me. Before = me: 'he's alright, I guess, but let me first watch this..' After = me: 'OHGOD WHY ARE YOU SO HANDSOME CURSE YOU AND YOUR SINISTER ATTRACTION'
.. that is basically how it goes.

I haven't watched any of the trailers/shorts for the DW Christmas Special because... well, I just haven't really felt like it. I've been happy lately to just forget about Who, because season 7 has been such a huge letdown imo (in spite of what my point-system might say!) and I need to catch up on Merlin and watch Downton Abbey season 3 as well!

You're a family of TV geeks! ;D


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