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I want to talk about this in a somewhat chronological (and coheret) fashion. There are a lot of things to like about this episode, though it mainly is a decvice in furthering the plot - and that's okay. The episode was still action-packed and suspenseful, and sometimes episodes like this can be very slow for the sake of getting explaining out of the way. I enjoyed this episode. I really did. Well, up until the screaming started.

- Okay, first of all I want to start off by saying WE GOT TO SEE BELLE AND RUMPLE ON THEIR DATE!!! Granted, it was interrupted, BUT WE GOT TO SEE INTERACTION AND THEM BEING CUTE WITH EACH OTHER AND BEING IN PUBLIC TOGETHER, which is a very important step, people. Clearly, Gold is not liked. Why should he be? But Belle doesn't let that stop her. She knows he's trying to become a better person, and she'll be the one to decide if a person is worth it or not, thank-you. They were on a dater guys! I actually had to pause the episode in order to just sit and squee for a moment.

- That being said, Gold... 'You remember Regina, right, the woman who locked you up for 28 years?' I know you're trying to make Regina leave, but please think of Belle here. That is not something nice to be reminded of, especially not in public where anyone might hear. And it's really not their business. Jackass move, Gold, jackass move.

- The whole plan - stopping Cora by getting information from Henry through Aurora - was actually a good one. That being said, David going under the sleeping curse was, imo, a stupid move. I can see why it was done - god, can I see why it was done. But, as was proven, it didn't end very well. The town is now without a Sheriff and morale voice, and while I'm sure people such as Ruby, Archie and others will be willing to step in and make sure the people in Storybrooke stay civil, David was a strong and much-needed front-figure for many of them. He's proven his worth, and now... well, now he's fucking sleeping until his wife gets home. And okay, so I love that now Snow gets to save Charming, and to save him from the same curse as he once did her, but dammit. Now you're stuck down there, the amulet that was protecting Henry is broken and YOU'RE STUCK DOWN THERE. You had no idea if kissing Snow in the dream would work or not, but you knew Henry would be out of there as soon as he woke! AND DID I MENTION YOU'RE STUCK THERE NOW????

- Speaking of sleeping curses, Henry yet again proved his worth. You can't expect even a fully-grown person to be as brave as Henry has been (just in this episode even), and yet there he is, hardly eleven years old and braving the storm. Henry, you don't listen to what the big bad fandom says, you are awesome and so brave and I love you.

- We also got Regina and Henry interaction and it was sweet and genuine and so touching and... okay, so I teared up a little bit. I also teared up a lot in the Snow/Charming reunion. Ginnifer's acting kills me (Josh is very good as well, but Ginnifer!!) and I love what she pointed out: the 'I will always find you' mantra, means that there will always be a need to find each other. They are forever losing their family, time and time again.

- Regina and Henry holding hands, and her assuring him that she hasn't used magic (much) is a scene I have already replayed three times now.

- The umbrella Cora is holding when she's talking to Hook at the beanstalk: it looks almost exactly like the one Regina has in 'Skin Deep', when she's talking to Belle (it might even possibly be the same one). Extremely nice job, costume department.

- I don't really like that Emma is suddenly blaming everything on Regina? Granted, it is her fault, the curse and everything, and the whole thing with Daniel and Snow doesn't justify it... but it was just... it doesn't sit well with me. Emma suddenly blaming Regina? Even after everything she's experience by Cora's hand in FTL? When Snow has told her that Cora is worse than Regina, and also right after Snow has explained that Regina is the way she is because of what Cora did? Sure, Regina chose to blame Snow as much as she blamed her mother, and that was not okay at all (TWELVE THE GIRL WAS TWELVE FOR FUCKS SAKE). On the other hand, Emma has so many reasons to resent Regina, and she can't always be the bigger person. She does have a right to be angry with her, and she never really got a chance to after the truth was discovered. I mean, they are partly stuck in FTL because of Regina. (no, actually, I'm happy to blame that on Gold)

- Speaking of evil... Cora has a zombie-army. I laughed. So hard. I mean, its terrifying and I love this show for even going there - we technically already saw it with Daniel, but he was just a lone zombie, this is... magnificent. (or it was. at first....)

- If anyone is mad at Mulan after this episode, let me just say that I get it. Her last purpose in life is taking care of Aurora. Aurora's safety comes before anything, especially before these two people who she has only just met and who she might still somehow feel are partly responsible for Phillip dying. She was trying to go save Aurora. She was trying to save Aurora...

- Also, to all of you Aurora-haters who scoffed at her after already the first episode: take that! How fierce was she in this one? How brave? How absolutely selfless? Sure, I think maybe Cora was right: a part of her was hoping that she could come with them to Storybrooke, and find a new life, but that doesn't negate what she told Mulan: she's free of the sleeping curse, and even without Phillip, every day is a gift. A gift she's going to spend on something worthwhile. She wants to help Emma and Snow, genuinly, because she is a good person. She is also my new Queen of Sass. Y'all others can just back away now. You don't always have to wield a sword or a bow to be a strong female character.

- Even if Aurora did need to be saved.

- I mean, Mulan tried to save Aurora.

- Aurora is a great character.

- I mean, apparantly even Hook likes her.

- Aurora has just grown on me so much, guys.

- All Mulan has left is to try and keep Aurora safe

- And hey, Phillip might come back. Aurora's going to be happy about that.

- You know. Aurora...

- Excuse me while I go and fucking sob my eyes out in this corner and never leave no everything is fine why are you even asking, there's nothing disturbing about this episode no nothing, its just a plot-device its just futhering things its not important

- Nothing is okay. Nothing.

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