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Argh and Ugh would be appropriate here

- First of all, I need to do my happy dance. Just wait there for a moment...

- Okay, yeah, I'm back now. Sorry, I'm just so glad, because Aurora got her heart back, she actually survived, and Mulan looked so relieved and they're off to find Philip and everything is sunshine and roses and my fabolous amazing ladies going on crazy adventures together. Excuse me, I need to go do the dance again....

- There was a lot of character development and much-needed backstory in this episode. One thing I like about OUAT is that we get a lot of backstory, and then when we think we've got the whole story, we get some of the blanks filled out - sometimes its stuff that we could have done without, but it is very cool seeing it anyway. Sometimes, like in this episode, it fills up the gaps and explains to us what exactly is going on - in the villain's heads as well

- This episode answers: how parts of FTL survived the curse, with people in it (Cora, of course). How Hook and Cora met. Who the Queen of Hearts (last seen in season one's episode Hat Trick) really is. How Hook knew/was able to take Aurora's heart. And possibly an abundance of other things that I've missed. I LOVE EPISODES THAT GIVE ME ANSWERS. (now of course for the biggest one... WHAT'S IN THE BOX??!!!!)

- Okay, I've been praising Emma and Snow for not being dense a lot of the time this episode: with Hook, they both acted incredibly smart etc. etc. Most of the 'stupid' moments was attributed to Emma suddenly being in Magic Lala-Land, and honestly, I can forgive her for that. She was so out of her element even I was jittery, and she learned to get by fairly quickly. But in this episode, OHDEARLORD HOW STUPID WERE YOU? YOU'RE LOOKING FOR INK AND ALL YOU FIND IS PARCHMENT WITH WRITING ON IT. WRITING. WRITING. WRITING. WRITIIIING!!! AND YET IT TOOK YOU AT LEAST AN HOUR TO FIGURE OUT THAT THAT'S WHERE THE INK WENT OMG, THERE IS NO EXCUSE I AM SO DISSAPOINTED IN ALL OF YOU!!! IT TOOK ME LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS TO FIGURE IT OUT, AND I'M VAGUE AT THE BEST OF TIMES JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR

- Sorry, but I hate lazy writing like that. They could have easily trapped them down there longer, maybe have the ink be invisible, maybe have them not being able to find it, anything but our characters suddenly being dumb as bricks. This is the point where I stop enjoying the heroes - because the writers make them do stupid things, just for the sake of drama and tense moments. Ugh.

- Regina's scenes with Hook, her voice or accent was a little... off? Even for what Lana usually does when she's the Evil Queen. It was distracting at first, but then I realized... I think it was deliberate, on Lana's/the Directors part. Because just like we see Rumplestiltskin using different voices and tones according to when in his life we're at, and who he's talking to (especially depending on who he's talking to and what he wants from them), this was Regina acting high and mighty and proper, in the face of this almost-ruthless pirate that she had to impress, and gain the help of. Not to mention that she is on the eve of her final plan: she is over-confident and very much corrupted by power, perhaps more so than ever. So, to me at least, her speech-patterns made sense in that scene.

- It also didn't sit well with me, at first, that Regina's reason for wanting Cora dead was not the abuse and trauma her mother had put her through - but rather that she still loved her mother, and could not afford that weakness. But it is actually incredibly in-character for Regina to do something like this. This is right after she rips her own father's heart out, and if that doesn't screw with your heart, I don't know what does. And Cora, despite how horrible she was (and still is), is Regina's mother. That's why she didn't kill her to begin with, but got rid of her by pushing her through a portal to another world - even a world where she clearly had comfort, and practically everything she ever wanted. And it is love, but it's a twisted and dark kind of love, so much that it is not at all that hard for Gold to persuade Regina to go against everything she's been trying to do these last few weeks, just in order to keep Cora away from her. And she may still love Cora, but it's not about that anymore - it's about protecting Henry. Thinking that she had turned into her mother is what stopped her from continuing her abuse of Henry, and aside from that, I think Regina's worst fear right now is Cora getting to Henry.

- Plus, she was awesome in the end. DEAR GOD FOR A MOMENT I ACTUALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO DIE OR SLIP INTO A MAGICAL COMA OR SOMETHING. But Regina, I am so proud of you. So, so proud.

- I want to discuss Hook: what he did for Aurora, catching the heart and giving it to Mulan, that was a genuinly good thing to do. It was yet another proof that he does have a code of honor - and I'm saying this even though we saw him knock Belle unconscious this very episode, and was about to slit her throat afterwards. I'm not excusing that. Right now I want to punch Hook in the face, and he better not come after my babies. But he is no better or worse than Regina and Gold were/are - the only difference is that they have reasons now, to redeem themselves and try to do better. Hook's reason was taken away from him, and it is consuming him. Yes, he killed and murdered and maimed. Yes, he took Aurora's heart. He is still no worse than the fandom's resident sweethearts, Rumplestiltskin who killed and manipulated and destroyed and corrupted people for 300+ years, and Regina who killed and manipulated and abused a young child and raped, for a good while as well. No, Hook is not at all turning out the way I thought he would (and ew, the lewd comments when he was fighting Emma, eweweeeew, really??), but I'm not going to call him a heartless monster just yet, because we've seen him be (somewhat) good and in love, and damn if he doesn't have good reason to try everything in his power to get back at Rumplestiltskin for what he took from him. (and god, I just want some Milah-flashbacks or at least some Peter Pan soon. IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK???)

- It was also more apparant in this episode that Cora really does love Regina - in her very own, sick way. She does want what's best for her daughter - as long as she gets to decide what that is. I mean, her plan is literally to take everything her daughter loves away from her and then Regina will be so dependent on her mother, she'll have to love her and be with her. God, I feel ill just thinking about it. At least Regina and Gold learned a lesson from messing up with their children, and are trying to make up for it - all Cora got from her daughter pushing her through a magical mirror was 'must rip her heart out... no, wait, must keep her alive and destroy her happiness once again. brilliant. i'm the best at being a mum. ever.'

- The witch in the Gingerbread House who ate children would have been a better mother than Cora.

- God, that ending with everyone leaving Regina behind just got to me. That was... ugh. But at least Henry clearly showed that he had chosen to still believe in her and is beginning to appreciate her. And Gold's offhand (and a little cruel) comment, I'm going to take that as a promise rather than a snide remark. One day, they are going to invite her with them for dinner!

- Nice detail though: in the end, when we see Hook and Cora on the Jolly Roger heading for Storybrooke, Cora is holding the rose Regina placed on her chest when she thought she was dead

- I also want to take a moment to appreciate Regina's mourning-clothes, which were taken directly out of Disney's original Snow White movie, and looked awesome!

- Okay, Emma's 'everything is Regina's fault including the curse and my lost puppy and global warming!' seems to have gone away? They're civil enough to each other here, and I'm glad of it, because... what???

- I'm also glad they didn't drag Emma's existential crisis out any longer than they had to: it was an issue that was going to come up sooner or later: is Emma really worth anything, or is everything - everything - just set up by Gold from the start? But of course, he just set up the framework: it was up to Emma (and Henry!) to actually break the curse and make everything alright. And yes, I'm sappy enough to like the detail of Cora not being able to take Emma's heart. That was really cool, okay? And I liked how she was all badass in that moment, and then afterwards back to the same old Emma. 'What the hell was that???'

- Also points to Snow for being all: 'look, kiddo, we can discuss that when we get home, because PORTAL ASAP YO.' I always hate it when they waste time standing there talking when they need to hurry.

- When Cora and Hook were walking to Lake Nostos, I was basically Hook there: 'lol, bitch, no water left'. But of course, Cora has a plan for it. she's the villain, she's the smart one right now. It also reminded me of last year, when I was in Iceland and saw a real Geysir and it was awesome.

- Someone tell me I wasn't the only one going 'now kiiiiiisssss!!' when Mulan was pushing Aurora's heart back in her chest? I mean, c'mon, that moment was so dramatic and intense and filled with sexual tension and heavy breathing and.... hrm. Sorry. There was pretty people and a desperate desire to keep the other safe and wide eyes, and it... it got to me.

- David wasn't under the Sleeping Curse very long AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. I'm wondering if they had to do it, give him some time off, so he could go film for Thor 2? Because he will be in that one right? Fandral you have to be there pleeeeeeaaaaseeee

- Off-topic, sorry

- Cora being the Queen of Hearts was kind of awesome, but very obvious. I think the writers knew it was going to be, sorta, because the reveal was pretty quick and without the dramatic heavy 'DADUUUUM' and freeze-frame that usually happens. I mean, were any of you surprised? Or were some of you hoping the writers would do something a bit more clever with it? I dunno, I was prepared to think I had been completely fooled (like when August was Bae AND THEN HE SUDDENLY WASN'T), but it fits so well with the character and everything we know about her, not doing it would have maybe been silly.

- And now its the winter break. Can humans go into hibernation? Can I just do that until the next episode?


Who and where is Bae?
When will Neal be coming to Storybrooke?
When will Aurora and Mulan have a make-out session...
What will happen when Cora and Hook get to Storybrooke?
Where the fucking fuck hell is August??????

Date: 2012-12-03 08:02 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lady_songsmith

OMG so much this. They could have at least been like, "Oh, this must be the ink! But that bastard used it so now we are screwed! Damn, damn, damn... oh, wait, I remember seeing Cora do this!"

Date: 2012-12-04 01:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Exactly - they could have still been stuck in there for a while, shaking their fists at Rumple for using the ink, until Snow realized that 'hey, lolz, it's magic we can blow on it, peeps!' It was dumb even when it could have not been, just for the sake of dramatics. Not cool, writers, not cool

Date: 2012-12-04 01:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Besides loving your Guy/Marian fic (that tale should be canon dammit!) I really love your 'reviews' on the OUAT episodes! I don't suppose you'd mind if I added you to my flist so I can keep up (with fic and reviews?) Am really enjoying them!

Thank you for your time and keep up the awesome writing!


Date: 2012-12-04 01:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Of course, no problem! :D the more the merrier - and I'm glad you're enjoying my blog so much!

Date: 2012-12-05 09:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not a problem :) have you enjoyed season 2 of ouat this far?

Date: 2012-12-05 04:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh I'm loving it!! I admit outside of Belle I have no use for the 'heroes' but I really love what they're doing with the villains! Its such a unique premise having both Rumpel and Regina taking that journey of redemption! I can't wait to see where this will all lead!

Date: 2012-12-06 04:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Belle is fantastic =) this is one of the first shows I've seen that shows all the different aspects of the characters so blatantly. Rumple and Regina were created as much by circumstances as their own mistakes, because they simply did not grow up with the same helpful 'tools' that our heroes did - and that is essentially what a villain is. So I'm loving every single second of it! :D

Date: 2012-12-04 02:59 am (UTC)
settiai: (Mulan -- gee)
From: [personal profile] settiai

There's a possibility that I was having that exact conversation with my TV last night.

Someone tell me I wasn't the only one going 'now kiiiiiisssss!!' when Mulan was pushing Aurora's heart back in her chest?

You definitely weren't the only one.

Because he will be in that one right? Fandral you have to be there pleeeeeeaaaaseeee

Sadly, no. Fandral was recast because the movie's shooting schedule just wouldn't work with Once Upon a Time's shooting schedule. :-(

Date: 2012-12-04 01:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
God, it was just so stupid, wasn't it? When the viewers are smarter than the main characters, to such a degree, then you know you're Writing It Wrong.

You definitely weren't the only one.
The tension of that moment, eeehhh!

Sadly, no. Fandral was recast

(okay, Zachary Levi is alright as well, but... noooo!)

Date: 2012-12-04 01:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*Joins in the happy dance*

Aurora is ok!!! YAYAYAY!! I've been giddy about this for a while! And her and Mulan are going to travel and it's brilliant and I hope they show us more of them even though Snow and Emma have left....

EMMA WAS AWESOME OK! I don't care what anyone says, I love the way she wasn't sure if it was her or just her situation that made her the Saviour. And then figuring out that maybe she was special and of course being shocked by it! And Snow amking sure she didn't get distracted.

Regina broke my heart at the end. With the tears and being left behind again and Rumple was a bit of an arse with that comment... But I like to think Henry especially will try to make sure to welcome Regina.

Hook having some kind of morals was great, even if they're a bit... wonky. He's still an evil bastard really, but it's like there's a tiny bit of hope for him.

And Cora definitely has a very twisted version of family. But it really does help explain a few things.

And I agree with all 6 5 questions! ESPECIALLY THE BOX!! WHAT IS IN IT???

Date: 2012-12-04 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I do think we'll get more of them - I want Mulan's backstory! I want Aurora's backstory! And there must be more things to tell in FTL, there must be! I definitely don't think we've seen the last of them

Emma is still one of my favorites. And I think this adventure helped her grow even more in many ways, which is good.
And yes, Regina :( it was incredibly sad, but I can't condone them for it completely, because Regina really does have a long way to go yet (and she did almost just try to kill them...) but she made the right choice in the end, and Henry has faith in her. He really does. Ugh, I could write page after page about how much I love that kid!

I think we need to see it from that perspective: he is at a certain point in his life, where he is simply not that likeable to the audience. Regina seemed completely evil and without morals for the first half of season one. I, for one, didn't have much sympathy for her, until we got to see abuse at the hands of Cora and Daniel's death. If we'd only seen Rumplestiltskin as the manipulating imp, we wouldn't have the same impression of him either. In a few years, if his story pans out that way, maybe Hook will become what could be considered a 'good guy'. I think it's important to hold on to the fact that he is doing tihs because Rumple murdered Milah in cold blood.


Date: 2012-12-05 12:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mulan's back story is right near the top of my list on things I want SOON!!! And Aurora's but... MULAN!

Oh, I kind of understand why they didn't invite Regina and how much further she has to go, but seriously... I think inviting her would have helped reinforce the 'good'. But I love that Henry keeps believing in her. I think that's important.
But Rumple didn't have to say what he did!


Ohhhh, I agree about Hook. He's currently feeling vengeful. Which makes sense. But like a lot of the others who felt the same, even if you don't agree, he has his reasons for feeling that way. But it's good that you can see that he has at least some kind of morals or guides that stop him from just being the 'bad guy'.

It'll be interesting to see if what happens with Hook now he's in Storybrooke.


Date: 2012-12-05 05:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They could have invited her, I think - and I hope they do so next time. As for Rumple... to him, Regina is still the woman who locked Belle up for 28 years. He needed her help this episode and he's not 'allowed' to kill her, but he is certainly not going to go amiss of a chance to make her feel even worse. I'm also now really looking forward to seeing more of their backstory, together, because we're still missing a gap between apprentice to enemies-sometimes-allies that prevailed before Rumple's imprisonment and the curse. So...


Preeecisely :) I must admit, in some ways I was a little dissapointed, but honestly, that was just because I had expected something different and I can't really ask that of the show - they have still given him an excellent background-story, and there are still more yet to see.

Date: 2012-12-04 05:51 pm (UTC)
ext_830484: ({Once} ++ Apple)
From: [identity profile]
GUH. Feelings. Thoughts. Okay, deep breath.

It took me a while to process the episode.
Okay, so:
Aurora didn't die, let me be happy forever!!
Lots of things surprised me, in a very good way: that David didn't stay asleep for half of S2, that Emma and MM are back already (thought there were going to be stuck in FTL forever), that Hook and Cora are coming too. It's all moving pretty fast and I really like it!
Cora being the Queen of Hearts wasn't a surprise, but I enjoyed the storyline.
I was really happy that they brought up the issue of 'Is Emma Gold's creature?' and that he answered. It was starting to be dodgy, that Rumple was in fact behind everything and what I like is that they acknowledged that by putting this dialogue in the episode. So bonus points for that.
On the other hand, I was a bit upset by the 'gang reunion' in the end. I was enjoying the Storybrooke dynamics with Emma and Snow not being there and everyone readjusting. The David/Gold/Regina dynamics in 2.8 were so good, I think I'll miss all these scenes if there aren't any more now.

Regina: All the feelings! I don't know if she is slowly becoming my favourite female character, but actually she might be. She's definitely the most interesting one right now imo.
I'm definitely happy that she had more scenes with Gold. I think they're a great evil-ish team, and I'll be shallow and say watching these two acting together is a bit of a treat. Also: Gold was a bit of a bastard. But what he did makes sense. I mean, he didn't go for the grand gesture, he's not ready for that yet, but I don't think he was trying to kill people for the sake of it either. So I'm not judging him (yet).

Lol, I had a Mulan/Aurora shippy moment too!

And now we know Belle and Hook have met before, I'm guessing that scene wasn't gratuitous and there will be more of that in the second part of the series. Although Belle going all 'he's not a monster' was a bit too much. I mean, the man kicked her out? He may be my favourite, but she'd be entitled to hate him a bit at that point, right?

What's in the bloody box?!?! Yup to all the questions. Re the ink scene, lol I was so tired when I watched it that I didn't notice at all. Of course, now you say it, ink, writing... ;)

Date: 2012-12-04 07:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This show actually gave us something good and happy! :D Aurora didn't die! When the bag went flying I was seriously sure it was about to happen. I actually started shrieking, until Hook did that Matrix-move and caught it!
I like the moving-fast pace as well, because knowing the writers, it means they have a lot planned, and I am very excited!

I was really happy that they brought up the issue of 'Is Emma Gold's creature?' and that he answered
This, exactly! This means that, while Gold did engineer so many things, the characters still have free will. If Emma had been a different sort of person, with a different sort of upbringing, maybe she would have broken the curse sooner, maybe she wouldn't have gone to FTL etc. I'm starting to wonder if maybe August knew more about the curse - or came to know more about it - than he was originally letting on. Maybe he felt like he needed to, for example, keep Emma and Neal apart, because he needed the sort of person who had nothing to lose by trying to break the curse? I'm not sure how much he knew about Henry, at this point.

Aw, yeah, I'll miss David in charge as well :(

She really is, and Lana has just grown so much on me: she really owns the character imo. And Gold's plan definitely made sense - in fact, if taken into consideration, this kind of sacrifice-decision is something the heroes could have done as well. If the stakes had been higher, if they'd been sure it was Cora coming through, Emma and Snow would have definitely chosen to stay behind rather than let Cora come to Storybrooke. As it is... oh well. I'm just glad Emma didn't hold it that much against him (though if that had been me, I would have maybe tried to get a punch in or something ;D)

They're just... I almost don't want Philip to come back because shiiip. But of course I do want him to come back =)

Well, then I'm going to put it down to our heroes being extremely exhausted in the cell as well ;D

Date: 2012-12-05 07:56 pm (UTC)
ext_830484: ({Once} ++ Gold)
From: [identity profile]
Yes :D

Exactly! Though, I'm not sure I entirely believe Gold on that one. Maybe he's behind more things than he cares to admit to Emma. But that bothers me a bit, as much as I like his character, that it's a male character who's always manipulating the women. Maybe I'm wrong though. Anyway, I like that they acknowledge Emma's 'existential crisis' :) Ooh, and very good point about August! But Gold and August clearly didn't know each other before August arrived to Storybrooke, so who else could have informed him? Pinocchio was just a kid when he left.

Me too! I had doubts about her acting in S1, but she owns me now. I still prefer Storybrooke!Regina to the Evil Queen (she was wonderful in the last couple of eps!) but overall I'm really enjoying her performance. And I was actually harder on Gold than you were, lol. I saw Rumple!hate comments on Tumblr and didn't like them. It made sense. And well... the man is supposed to be the villain, not a kitten or something. /rant Me too, but Emma is clever, she got it. I like that about her character and the way she's written, for time to time she surprises me and doesn't turn into a caricature, when in a lot of other shows she would.

Haha, it's probably the first time I spontaneously ship a gay ship, that is without reading tons of fic or being influenced by the fandom. O.o But Philip was one of my childhood princes, so yeah, I want him back too :)

Lol, yeah. I hope it won't happen too often though, I mean the heroes being stupid and therefore annoying. I'd hate to start disliking them, like you said, because of lazy writing :/

Date: 2012-12-06 04:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I think any opportunity Gold gets, he's going to turn it to his advantage - and letting Emma believe that she has control of her own life is definitely in his best interest. This way she won't see him as so much of an obstacle, as a personal affronter. So he might definitely be lying.
I have problems with that as well :( but I'm still convinced there's something bigger and darker out there! As you pointed out about August, whatever is in the box... I'm thinking he got it from something/someone else. And in rewatching season 1 I also noticed how absolutely non-gender like Rumplestiltskin acts when he is the Dark One. He has high heels, fancy clothes, high-pitched voice etc. Plus his background with Milah - he has the 'mothering' role while she is in the tavern drinking and eventually runs away on adventures, while he stays home and takes care of the child. I am just so endlessly fascinated by Gold's character, and ultimately, I can forgive the show for giving him so much power, because his involvment and manipulation of seemingly everything seems to stem more from the fact that he is 300+ years old, than the fact that he is a man and therefore 'superior'. But still, side-eyeing you a bit show!

the man is supposed to be the villain, not a kitten or something.
Exactly! For all that he's trying to be better, he is still a selfish, desperate man, and he is trying to be better for Belle (and Bae). Not for Emma or any of the Charmings. He helps them when it is in his best interest, but in this situation, where Cora might have gotten through? He's not going to risk Belle's safety again. He lost her once (as in, 'she's dead' lost her) and he's not going to let that happen again, because he wasn't careful enough.

The whole scene where Mulan pushes the heart back in... metaphorical gay sex. I mean, just look at it. You'd have to be a toddler not to notice it! I love it so much. I actually do really want a gay couple to appear on the show, but I'm not sure if I want it to be Mulan and Aurora, because I do want Philip to have his happy ending as well. Maybe Henry can grow up gay? OR MAYBE JEFFERSON WAS GAY ALL ALONG AND HIS 'WIFE' WAS ANOTHER DUDE AND THEY JUST ADOPTED GRACE. Lol, sorry. I just haven't seen a show with recurring/main characters that were gay in so long, and I'd love for OUAT to do that.

Date: 2012-12-08 03:16 pm (UTC)
ext_830484: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
(Late replies are late, sorry)

I agree about something worse than Rumple's dark magic being out there. And YES to your comment about his being genderless (sort of) as Rumple and being both parents at once for Bae. I hadn't thought about it like that, but it's very true. Actually, Gold is the most masculine version of the character, he's like this synthesis, as if the power wasn't driving him mad as much. In FTL, he depersonalized himself as the power was eating him up (I love the way it's chronologically done btw), and in Storybrooke he expresses it by being this dark, secretive character. I wonder what he would be like if they even went back. Now that he's been gold, could he go back to the high-pitched voice and everything. And indeed, he's an absolutely fascinating character, every time you think you know him, they show you you layers you hadn't even suspected existed. Well, I'd just like Regina to be equally manipulative. Then, I'd be happy. It's not that she isn't, it's just that all in all it always turns out that she was his puppet. I'd like a reveal that at some point it was the other way round, about something big, I mean. And I can't wait to find out the whole backstory about when he fought Cora. Clearly they will be an episode about that, now they mentioned it quite heavily in 2.8?

Precisely. That's why I don't blame him.

Lol, yes. At least, there's an intense connection between them. LOLOL Jefferson, why not? It would be cool if there was a gay couple, but I don't want it to feel forced. I'm thinking it could be Archie, because there was no sign of him fancying any lady, was there? I know a lot of people ship him and Ruby, but they haven't had many scenes together, so it's a bit like Mycroft and Lestrade, lol, I don't get the obsession with that ship.

Date: 2012-12-09 05:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wonder what he would be like if they even went back.
This! I've thought about this so much - in many ways, I feel like Mr. Gold is who he always wanted to be: this authoritative and powerful male, who still has echoes of his old self's flair and mystery-vibe going. Because when he was just Rumplestiltskin, he was very much marked as the Crippled Coward (and we still haven't seen what he was like before the Ogre Wars, so we don't know how much the continued trash-talking and negativity surrounding what he did has affected him), and as the Dark One he was so corrupted by power as well. So there were always outside-factors, but now, in Storybrooke, he actually has more control: he might not be as powerful, but the magic isn't corrupting him to the same level, and neither is he now living in a society where he is marked as 'lesser' just because he's handicapped or doesn't fit the 'male-role' completely.

I want more manipulative!Regina as well. We've seen a bit of it with Belle - something that clearly smacked of pay-back in some form, and I just cannot wait to see how these two fell out. But I feel like, in the end, the writers are going to turn her (or her up until the curse hit) into Rumple's puppet, simply because of the fact that he 'molded' her in order to cast the curse he had created, the curse he needed (and we still don't know why he needed Regina to cast it, and not himself! Perhaps the cost was too great or something?? Magic always comes with a price...) But I do hope, at some point, we get Gold dancing to Regina's tune. It'd be even more hilarious if it was present-day, and she was actually doing it for a good purpose. I still love him to bits and pieces, but we have been shown extreme darkness from his side this season, and I'm hoping we'll see the writers follow up on that soon.

Ooh, now I hope it will be Arcihe as well. And I don't get the obsession with Ruby/Archie either, but I can understand it as a potential ship: they are two of the characters who have interacted the most in the background of scenes (we've seen Ruby with Pongo, his dog, and there has been other we're they're just standing and talking). But as of this moment, we haven't even seen any proper interaction, so I don't get it either. It'd be cute though! But now I want Archie as gay so SORRY RUBY xD maybe she could be gay as well? The males she falls for tends to die violently, so it might be time to look for something different!


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