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Hello and welcome to the new, smashing, amazing, beautiful, astounding overview of seasons one to four of Supernatural.

This is Sam and Dean Winchester - notice the adorableness that is them in S1:

Sam and Dean are brothers (and yes, Sam is gigantic, but Dean is the oldest). Their parents are Mary and John Winchester (notice wee!dean. Isn't he cute???)

That is from a time when they were happy. But don't worry, that stopped quickly. When Sam was six months old and Dean was four, a demon came, poured some of it's blood into Sammy's mouth, killed Mary and set their house on fire. As demons do. This demon's name was Azazel (though it took the writers almost three seasons to tell us this)

Azazel is the Man With the Plan. But more on that later. You see, after their mother died, the boys and their daddy started hunting monsters, hoping to one day find this little sucker of a yellow-eyed demon. And they hunted a lot of monsters, because this is a show that loves its fillers. But it's okay, because most of them are pretty cool:

With me so far? Let me sum up: the boys hunt monsters in the coolest car ever, wearing leather jackets and using salt for more than just flavour, hoping to one day gank the demon that killed mommy dearest. Then Sam, being the poor youngest decides that he's done with this crap and leaves for college (I know, psycho-kid, huh?). However, when their daddy dissapears looking for the demon, Dean recruits Sam for help in finding him. When Sam's girlfriend dies (a cute little blonde who won me over with her smurf-shirt), he is all out for revenge - it doesn't help when he discovers that Azazel made him drink blood as a baby (eeewww) and he now has some kind of psychic weirdo powers. But thus far, it's cool, because Sam's hair in season one makes him look so much like a puppy that you can't feel threatened by his Goliath-like figure anyway.

Along the way, our boys have some friends helping them. Among the coolest are Bobby:

And Ellen and Jo:

Anywho, the boys find their dad after a whole army of fillers, and help him locate a gun made by Samuel Colt back in the day: a gun that can kill any demon, and therefore also Azazel. It's a pretty awesome gun, as you might have guessed:

Sadly, they don't manage to get the demon this season, and it sort of doesn't really end well: Kripke has a thing for cliffhangers - namely whole seasons ending in cliffhangers:

Demons don't let demons drink and drive... anyway. Dean almost dies, and John proves to love his boys after all, despite his obsession with killing Azazel making him not-quite Daddy of the Year. John sells his soul and life, and hands over the Magic Demon Gun (The Colt) to Azazel, in exchange for Dean's life. You'll have to get used to the Winchester's doing stupid, reckless things for each other, such as going to Hell. It happens a lot.

Now, as Sammy's hair starts looking much more manly, more and more is also revealed about his powers. We find out that there are several other children like Sam, who - on the exact day they turned six months old - had Azazel's blood poured into their mouths. A lot of them dies, and in the end of the season, Sam is mysteriously whisked away to an abandoned town, with the few of the other Special Children left:

Apparantly, Azazel wants them to fight it out to the death, and the last one remaining gets to open the Gates to Hell. Isn't that something for a prize, huh? Lucky, lucky guy. Unfortunately, it's not Sam. Sammy dies, killed by that military-dude in the picture above.

Dean follows in his father's footsteps, and brings Sam right back to life - selling his soul in the meantime, with only one year left to live before going downstairs. But there's smooching on my screen, so it's okay for now:

Unfortunately, they aren't quite in time to stop the Gates to Hell from opening: see, I told you Azazel was the Man (demon?) with the Plan:

They manage to close the Gates, but a lot of sons of bitches get out. Including John Winchester, yay! We're presuming he goes to Heaven after this, as we'll later learn that he spent a 100 years in Hell, which sucks big time. Anyway, let's be happy for a moment, because Dean finally kills Azazel!

Applause all around, though now Dean has a year left before he GOES TO FRIKKIN' HELL, and that makes Sam sort of sad. Huh. Can't imagine why. Anyway, swiftly moving on to season 3 where this mysterious chick shows up:

It's Ruby! Who has a cool, cool knife that can kill demons, gets the Colt working again, helps the boys a lot... and is a demon. Yes, it doesn't make sense to me either. But she has pretty hair and fights a lot with Dean and flirts with Sam (who needs to get laid a lot more than he does), so it's alright. Lots of shit happen, and in a last attempt to break Dean's deal, they attack Lillith, the demon who holds all of the contracts. Now, she is one crazy bitch, and she kills Dean, so she's really not on my favorites-list.

Ruby's meat-suit gets killed, and Dean get's dragged to Hell. And then the season ends. Bummer.

We move on to season four, that starts with Dean crawling out of his grave, having woken up suddenly in his coffin. Now, that's not nightmare-inducing at all.

How the hell did Dean get out? (no pun intended). Well, the angels did it of course. Namely Castiel:

This is particularly funny, because Dean has spent the last three seasons running around shouting things like: 'there's no such thing as angels!'. It amused me for a good half hour at least. Also, Misha Collins is one of the most amazing people to ever walk this Earth. Now, Cas is amazing, but the other angels tend to be assholes, especially Uriel:

And Zachariah:

They are huge, HUGE douchebags. There's also Anna, who was human at first, but used to be an angel, and then she was an angel again. It's confusing, but she has very pretty hair:

She also kills Uriel, saving Castiel's life in the meantime, which makes her even cooler:

Now, what the hell are the angels doing? Well, you see, Lillith is trying to break 66 seals that will free Lucifer from his cage in Hell. This is, as you might have guessed Not Good. What's even more Not Good, is that in the four months while Dean was in Hell, Sam started doing Ruby in her new form and also drinking demon-blood to further his own demonic abilities. Here's Ruby version 2.0:

Another Not Good thing is that for Dean, it's been forty years in Hell, being tortured, tortured, tortured. Until he cracked, and for the last ten years, he did the torturing. You see, demons are actually just human souls who have been twisted and warped in hell. Wicked, huh? Good thing Cas got Dean out. Have I mentioned yet that I love Cas? He's amazing.

In season four, we get a LOT of background. We learn that it was Lucifer who ordered Azazel to find Sam and 'prepare' him, we learn that Mary was a hunter, but gave up that life after she met John and that, when Azazel by chance comes upon her family and kills John, Mary gives him access to her house in ten years, in exchange for John's life - giving him free reign to go in, feed Sammy some yummy demon-blood and kill Mary when she tries to stop him.

Now, Sam lies a lot to Dean, because it's hard finding a way to tell your demon-hunting brother that you are overdosing on demon-blood, and it all results in major fights between the boys, trying to help Sam and Sam basically giving Dean and Bobby the finger, because he has to kill Lillith and stop the final seal from breaking - Sam is a bit melodramatic. I'm blaming it on the blood. 

Only, everyone's been lying to them: Lillith is the final seal. Her death will free Lucifer - I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! I SCREAMED!!. Unfortunately, the angels knows this as well: they want the Apocalypse to happen. See, I told you they were assholes. Fortunately, Cas isn't, and after some arguing, he helps Dean (because Cas is awesome. Have I mentioned that yet? Cas is amaaazing)

Dean is too late however, and Sam, manipulated by Ruby, kills Lillith. Dean arrives in time to kill Ruby with her own knife however, which makes for an awesome working-together scene for our boys: this is especially nice, because last time they had a scene together, Sam sort of tried to strangle Dean. So this is heartwarming, really:

The last seal is broken however, which sucks big time. Like, seriously sucks. Of course, the season ends there. I told you about the cliffhangers.

Predictions for season five: Someone - most likely a Winchester - sells their soul or makes a deal with a demon some other way. I'm guessing it's Sam, as it'll come full circle with him. The boys sort out the whole drinking-demon-blood-starting-the-apocalypse issue that Sam's got. Bobby continues to be awesome. Dean dies at least once. Cas tilts his head a lot. Sam sleeps with someone, and she dies. There are fillers. There are more fillers. The season finale will break my heart.

Hope you enjoyed ;)
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