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- Dr. Frankenstein. DR FRANKENSTEIN!! Which of you guys called it?

- This episode was imo the 'weakest' of these five first of S2, but that most certainly doesn't mean it was bad. There was a few writing choices I wasn't too happy about, but when looking back, there's nothing I can put my finger on and say 'there, that was stupid' etc.

- When Charming took Henry to the stables, was I the only one who wanted Regina to show up there and help him insetad - considering her love of riding? I really want to see them start to mend their relationship. That's one thing I was miffed about this episode, and then again... I can sort of understand it: when they saved Henry from Daniel, Regina hardly looked at Henry - but on the other hand, she must have trusted Charming to warn her if Henry was seriously injured, and he clearly wasn't plus the fact that FUCKING DANIEL WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. So I can forgive it. I just want them to mend their relationship so badly, because I don't think Regina is strong enough to do this if she doesn't have someone to do this for, and that has to be Henry.

- Okay, so Rumplestiltskin giving Dr. Whale his arm back just in exchange for the doctor admitting he was wrong was... kind of nice? I get that there's the whole sense of pride (and they're both very proud), but still... yeah, I think I'm just looking for excuses to say nice things about Rumple, because these last few episodes have made me so mad at him. There's a huge difference between offering someone a way to power - like he to Regina did in 2x02 -  and actively manipulating and ruining their lives to make it happen. Regina was made by Rumple, almost as much as she was by Cora: her mother was the gun, and Rumple is the bullet. And it's been hundreds of years for Rumple that he has become so ruthless - he will literally do anything to get back to Bae, and he doesn't care who he hurts on the way there. But offering Regina magic is one thing, this? This is very cruel, and while this episode very much sets Regina further on the path to redemption, the backstory we're getting for Rumple is definitely not setting him in a positive light at all.

- I keep being proud of Regina: she seeks out help herself by going to Archie (not just once, but twice!) and that is such a huge step to take. She's keeping her promise to Henry. I am so happy with the way this episode surprised me: I watched the promo last night, and was surprised that we would get this horrible experience with Daniel, and it would give her a setback: she would become darker, so marred by this experience of having her True Love back only to lose him all over again. And that's not what happened at all! If anything it had a somewhat positive effect: Regina was finally able to let go, and in letting go move on from this horrible incident that started so much hate.

- Jefferson! How amazing was it to see him pre-Grace? I mean, I'm guessing this is before he met his True Love and had his daughter, or at least before his wife died: I love how we got his and Regina's first meeting, that he's making deals with Rumple etc. And also, 'slippers' that transports through worlds? WE GOT FRANKENSTIEN CAN WE PLEASE GET WIZARD OF OZ YESYES I DON'T THINK THAT WOULD BE TOO MUCH TO ASK!!

- No, but seriously, rewatch this episode and just look at Jefferson in all his scenes. That is some amazing acting; he's such a twelve-year old, throwing himself down on the couch, constantly fiddling about. And he's so dramatic. When he and Regina are walking towards Victor Frankenstein for the first time, he says something really over the top and Regina rolls her eyes at him, and I just about died laughing.

- Also, clearly he's been to Neverland to exchange fashion tips with Captain Hook. Look at that outfit! And the hair! And the eyeliner! Jeff, baby, you're looking fabolous!

- Speaking of Captain Hook, can we appreciate how smug he looked when Emma knew who he was? And apparantly her ability to tell when people are lying is back. Hallelujah, but at least they didn't just blindly believe him? It was very nice for a change, to have the heroes figure it out right from the start, and of course Hook is pirate enough to just change the deal. Also, Jack and the Beanstalk! Yaaay

- The shot of Snow pulling the hook out of the satchel is really well-done: properly dramatic and everything. Okay, I don't know, I just really liked it okay?

- Dr. Whale. DR. WHALE. David Anders, you are an amazing actor. I love the clear differences between Victor Frankenstein and Whale, how apathetic he is as his 'real' self compared to how compassionate he actually is as Whale? I mean, there's still so much we don't know about him - and the world he's from  - and I'm really wondering why Regina pulled him through as well. Is there more to their story together, or was she just bitter that his methods didn't work?

- I also loved that we finally had a Frankenstein going 'it's alive' without shouting it at the top of his lungs.


- the final scene with Regina and Rumple, where she pulls out the heart of the new apprentice was properly powerful, but I just couldn't help but laugh a little because REGINA'S WARDROBE HAD GONE DARK LIKE HER SOUL!! Sorry, I do actually like it when you can see what stages of 'darkness' a character is in by their clothes (wardrobe-porn this way please) but it amused me nonetheless this time.

- Lana Parrilla was very good this episode. I love how she plays the younger version of herself: you can see the constant uncertainty shining out of baby!Regina's eyes and actually believe that this woman is many years younger than the one we're seeing now, despite the actor being the same age when she plays. I love how Jefferson has to remind her that she's the Queen, like, hello, you can basically do whatever you want sweet-cheeks.

- Charming punching Whale was really stupid. Sorry if you found it funny, I just.. I mean, what? I could get it if he'd done something to Mary Margaret that was upsetting, but dude... he just slept with her, it was completely consensual for both parties and HELLO CHARMING YOU WERE MARRIED YOU BIG IDIOT. I was glad we didn't get more of the confrontation, and I'll chalk some of it up to Charming being frustrated about everything that's happening and just needed to take it out on someone (not that that makes it alright!), but it still bugs me. If Snow had been unhappy about something Dr. Whale had done, she can smack him herself thanks.

- Hmm. Snow White had sex with Victor Frankenstein. My childhood just died a little. (but i secretly like it)

- When Hook said 'get revenge on the man who took my hand', was I the only one who expected Emma to go 'Peter Pan?'?? I still want Peter Pan to be on this show! The only thing I want more is to see Bae (and not have him be Henry's father or be evil), followed by seeing more of Milah. BUT PETER PAN IS RIGHT AFTER THAT, CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME PETER PAN??? My childhood demands it.

- Who did you think Whale was? I feel like I've been around almost everything. Peter Pan, King Arthur, Merlin... why did I think he was Merlin?? I don't even know.

- Also, science! Science beats magic, lol, Victor, you are truly fabolous (you can join the fab!men club: run by Rumple, with current members Killian Jones and Jefferson (Charming is on hold in being a member; he needs to get his sassy!cape back from the pilot and 1x22 and he can finally join)

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I certainly didn't call it, though I guessed pretty early in the ep... I mean, wow! Definitely not disappointed, though he's not technically a fairy tale character, but whatever.

I need to re-watch it, it didn't blow my mind as much as last week's but I did find it very very good. It was different, but good. They needed to move the plot forward, as last week was all about Rumple/Hook backstory and Gold/Belle development. My least favourite so far is probably 2.3 actually.

Lol, I thought Whale was Peter Pan or Merlin as well.

I'm having all sorts of Regina baby! Rumple was clearly a bastard in this one, but it was necessary, if they keep showing us the side of him that we like, it won't be long before it doesn't make sense at all. I wholeheartedly loved Jefferson and Hook, they were all kinds of brilliant. And yes to the fab!men club :)

Date: 2012-10-29 01:31 pm (UTC)
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It certainly wasn't subtle during the ep, but if I hadn't seen the promo I wouldn't have been able to guess it before seeing it!. They've taken a lot of stuff from the original novel (like his clothes, his assistant looking that way, him being a little bit of a ladies man and him drawing a lot) and added in, which was wonderful as well. Oh, and I found out that apparantly one of the director for one of the Frankenstein-films (I think it was the one with Helene Bonham-Carter and the dude who plays Gilderoy Lockhart) was named '-- Whale', which is very cool.

Lol, I thought Whale was Peter Pan or Merlin as well.
How did we even come up with that? =D

I definitely like that we're getting Rumple's bastard-side =) it's actually nice, because we got a lot of his motivation very early on (his background story in 'Desperate Souls') but we didn't get any of Regina's real story until 'The Stable Boy' which I think was ep 19? So it was easier to sympathize with Rumple, because most of his evil deeds had a profound meaning behind them - getting to his son - but killing Milah and manipulating Regina to an extent like this - he's basically ruining her life (though of course she is responsible for her own actions as well) - is extremely harsh. The writers are showing it in our faces, and I'm loving it.
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I don't watch the promos because I'm a big spoiler-phobe and I like surprises, although I'm tempted to do so just do I'm not disappointed in case Carlyle isn't in the ep. I'm always waiting for him to show up, lol.
the dude who plays Gilderoy Lockhart
That would be God Kenneth Branagh. I need to watch that movie then! I saw on Tumblr that they named him Whale after the director, it's nice :)

I don't know, seriously!! I was thinking of Disney characters and somehow they seemed like plausible ideas at the time? My sister was right though, she told me 'No, you'll see, he's going to be a doctor'. Which in the end makes a lot more sense and she kind of laughed at me for thinking he could be Peter Pan.

This! It's pretty much reversed roles right now, we're supposed to feel for Regina and accept that Rumple is very much a bad guy, and I do love it. What's great is they had flawed natures from the beginning, but somehow the course of their actions makes sense and I can understand why they became what they are. So yes, they made all the wrong choices, but it didn't come out of nowhere. I love it in stories when I look at the good guys and think 'I could be them' but I look at the bad guys and think 'I could also be them'. And I love OUAT for that.

Date: 2012-11-05 10:36 am (UTC)
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I usually don't watch the promos either, but I was simply too curious for this one.

Of course, Kenneth Branagh ;) it's actually quite a good adaption, one of the best I've seen. One of my friends did a project about the book once, and we had a marathon, I remember.

I think a part of me just wanted him to be The Doctor or maybe the Master, and I knew that that obviously wasn't going to happen, so my brain just leapt to other (weird) conclusions :D your sister is clearly smarter than us xD and I think I rejected the Frankenstein-idea because he wasn't a fairytale-character, but to be fair, the show states 'storybook' characters, which is why we can have Mulan (historic legend) and Dr. Frankenstein on the show, and its still within their corner.

There are just so many different factors in a persons life; for example, what if Red hadn't had her grandmother and Snow around? She killed and ate half the town, including her boyfriend, and if she hadn't had the support of family and really good friends, I could easily imagine her turning into a villain. Of course, there is a degree of taking responsibility for your choices, but we see both Rumple and Regina doing this now (to an extent anyway, there's a long way to go!). But its so easy for us to take the morale highground, because we have (almost) all the facts and circumstances - when you're actually in it, it is not that easy at all. Like August - can you talk about flawed? So much of Emma's suffering can be lead back to him, but that doesn't mean he's evil. He's human. And he tires to make up for it, little by little.

Date: 2012-10-29 03:21 pm (UTC)
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I just typed a really long comment and LJ ate it. Let's see if I can recreate at least basic points.

- I love the way Parrilla plays young!Regina. I thought she was sliding a little in the Storybrook scenes (listen to her voice; she pitches it higher when she's playing young). Which is understandable with Daniel on the scene, because that's where Regina is mentally, but it's also slipping in the early scenes prior to her confrontation with Whale.

- Hook! I feel like they wanted Sparrow, can't have him, and so Hook is Sparrow-ing it up all over the place. "Ah, so you've heard of me!" Seriously? *giggle* Unless all pirates take lessons in this stuff. Or Hook was on Sparrow's crew? Or vice-versa? oooh - fic time!

- Love that David made Henry do the work rather than skipping to the riding. Good decision on the character's part and on the writers'. I would like to see Regina and Henry bond over riding, though. And I want David to make Henry apologize for standing Regina up in 2x03; I want someone to acknowledge that it was cruel of him to use that excuse to get her out of the room.

Date: 2012-10-30 01:59 pm (UTC)
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Aw, that sucks :/

- She really does a good job. Maybe she slipped earlier on as well as a way to let the viewers know that Regina is trying to get back to who she was, this person who didn't want to hurt anyone, who really wasn't evil. Aw shucks, this episode gave me more Regina!feels than 2x2 did!

- I think all Pirates take lessons in those things! Like the hats and the strut and general fabolousness. 'Do you have a parrot? Fantastic! Come a'board!'

- I wouldn't perhaps say 'cruel' because Henry is just a kid, and I don't think he really thinks that much about the repurcussions of a lot of his actions - which isn't to say that he shouldn't apologize, because he definitely should. But Regina is the adult one, not to mention the evil one, and she has a lot of redemption to go through before she can start expecting all kinds of things from Henry again. That doesn't mean he should have done it; and I so want to see them hang out together, because they need it. Both of them.

Date: 2012-10-30 09:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HE WAS FRANKENSTEIN!! I wasn't sold on the idea but he was and it was rather great!

Ahhh Charming, probably best not to tell Emma or Regina you've been taking Henry out of school, but I love that Henry is so enthusiastic about becoming a knight. But yep, I would have thought Regina would have been a big help for Henry given how much she used to be with horses. Maybe she'll help?

BUT RUMPLE?? WOW! He might have done the right thing in regards to Belle, you know, eventually. But whooooaaa, I admhe seriously messed up Regina. You're right, he was prety much as bad as Cora. That was some serious manipulation.

However, oh Regina, going to Archie for help! TWICE!! That was perfect! I love that she's seeking help. I WANT REGINA AND HER REDEMPTION! Or at least I want to see her try!

After the whole Dr Frankenstein thing, I'm really wondering why Regina pulled him through as well. I'm thinking you're right that she just wanted him to suffer. I mean it would make sense, the majority of those pulled through seemed to be people Regina felt wronged her.


And on that note, Jeffersons! And yes, I heard the mention of the slippers too... Wizard of Oz!!


Umm, yeah... Though Hook was rather interesting, trying to convince Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora he was a decent guy. It's good to see Emma being able to pick the truth a bit again, since that disappeared for a while.

Also, Charming punching Victor/Whale bugs me cause Snow hasn't punched Katherine or Charming, who actally might deserve it cause HE WAS MARRIED! Bloody idiot.

And the fab!men club! I LIKE IT!

Date: 2012-10-31 04:38 pm (UTC)
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I'm really rather pleased with how they did it, because it had a lot of potential to go wrong!

I hope and pray that we'll get Regina and Henry bonding-time with the horses, because it is a perfect opportunity!

Don't get me wrong, I still love Rumple to pieces, but DAMMIT!!! Just... guh. There is so much he has to be forgiven for, and he has such a long way to go yet and... just uuuugggghhhhhh.


David Nolan could have definitely benefited from a good punch in the face!

Date: 2012-10-31 11:08 pm (UTC)
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Seriously hope we get some Regina and Henry bonding time. I think even if everyone else was against it, Henry would support it, because I think he genuinely wants Regina to redeem herself.

Ohhhh, I will always love Rumple, but I'm not sure how much I'll like him sometimes. He's done so much wrong, but maybe there's hope yet.

Hehehehe! Maybe we'll get lucky and Katherine's prince will appear and punch him for marrying his True Love? :P

Date: 2012-11-01 05:48 pm (UTC)
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What I'm loving about it is that I think Regina genuinly wants to redeem herself as well; she's not just doing it for Henry - which would be wonderful - she's doing it for herself as well. I think hopefully 'The Doctor' is another motivator in this, that now she's let go of Daniel, she may start to realize that she does deserve to be happy and making everyone around her unhappy is not going to achieve that.

I keep feeling like they won't be so kind as to redeem both Rumple and Regina; one of them has to go. And considering that Rumple has (imo) more to answer for than Regina (I'm not comparing evilness because they've both done bad things and both have had damn good reasons for doing some of the shit they've done), I think he'll be the one to go. Regina has Henry, after all. And I think so much on Rumple depends on Bae: what kind of a person is he now? Has it just been a few years for him, so he's still a kid, or has he grown up? It's another reason why I really don't want him to be Henry's real father, because as far as we know, he was not a nice person at all, and if Bae has grown up to be this horrible person, I think it'll break Rumple because so much of it will be 'his fault' about that.

Haha, fingers crossed for another glimpse of Frederick in the near future :D

(btw, I don't wanna spoil you, but I accidentally caught some snatched of 2x07 pics and... it looks like we ARE getting a Ruby-centric episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Date: 2012-11-01 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Ok, now that I'm calm and over that a bit...

I understand what you mean, Regina actually seems to be actively seeking redemption. It's something she really wants. It honestly seems like Rumple has no real desire to redeem himself, he just wants to find his son and seems willing to do almost anything to find him. Actually as much as I love Rumple, he does tend to be happy to ignore everyone elses desires in favour of what he wants. You see it with Belle even.

Date: 2012-11-02 12:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Prayer-circle for Ruby-episode ;)

Yep, though I would say in regards to the 'happy to ignore everyone elses desires', that this doesn't always extend to Belle: he was ready to let her go already back in FTL in 'Skin Deep', and he definitely is in 'The Crocodile' (getting her the job at the library wasn't him trying to bribe her: it was an apology for lying to her, and he clearly looks surprised when she calls him back and offers him a small window of chance). This is in very sharp contrast to the way he acted right at the start, when he'd gotten his powers, with the 'I protected what belongs to me' and his behavior towards Milah (namely ripping out her heart and killing her!). He has gotten a lot better at it, and I think when Bae comes along, he is hopefully going to be respectful towards his son and go 'hey, I know I've done a lot of shit but I am so sorry for hurting you, I love you', and hopefully Bae will be; 'dude, we gotta talk, because you killed my mom and a lot of other people and destroyed lots of lives just to get back to me, and that is terrible and not okay, but yeah, you're my dad and I still love you too.' I just want a reunion like what we saw with Belle: 'hey, you're not completely forgiven for all that crap, but we can work on it starting now.' JUST GIVE ME THAT SHOW, PLEASE!


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