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So, I'm a Spuffy shipper, and I always will be. This doesn't mean that I absolutely hate Angel - though he's not my favorite - or despise Buffy in any other pairing.

I've recently been rewatching S4 and am now halfway through S5, which is basically the entire Riley/Buffy relationship. And honestly? At the start, they are so cute. Like, extremely cute. I remember being sort-of-sad that they broke up. But on my rewatch... well, I can't help but be angry with Riley.

Watching it, it's easy to see why Riley would come to feel like he does from Buffy's behavior. What with her mom being ill and everything, she's not really as concerned about Riley as she maybe should. Added to the fact that she doesn't come to him for comfort. That's bad, yeah, okay. It is. That's what he's supposed to be there for, and I get why he would be upset.

But for crying out loud, talk to her man! I mean, what, it's already in the third episode of S5 that Riley tells Xander 'She doesn't love me.' Luckily, it isn't in a whiney-way, or I would have had to smack him. Sorry, but if Buffy has sticked with you through everything, is with you now and has said she loved you then she does. Nothing drives me up the wall like people assuming something about other people, when evidence to the contrary is there. Sure, Buffy definitely messed up in this: she pushed him away when she was in a fragile position, instead of taking the comfort he was clearly offering and this enabled Riley with a sense that she didn't trust him enough to let him in. But, as Buffy herself says, she's shared so much with Riley. He knows everything about her past - her very dark past. Buffy has scars, and Riley should accept that instead of go 'oh, she doesn't really love me, it's cool, I'll just let her be and say nothing about it and then freak out completely and leave after a fight.'

I agree with what Xander says, that Buffy refusing to make up with Riley because he gave her an ultimatum is silly: but giving your lover an ultimatum like that is also incredibly stupid and not okay at all. They just had a massive fight: you shouldn't leave town like that. You should stick around, talk it out, solve the issue, and if you can't, then you leave. You don't go: 'say you love me or you will never see me again'. That's douchebag-behavior.

So, yeah, ranting, I just wanted to point out how Riley slightly tips the scale in who-ruined-the-Riley/Buffy-relationship. Buffy certainly had her fair share of blame, but seeing it from both's POV, I'd say Riley was the most unreasonable in all of this.


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