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Season 5, episodes 14-15.

I am severely bored and therefore going to make a list of good things and bad things in these episodes. Okay? Okay.

Also, there be spoilers. For everything up to and including these episodes. Ye have been warned.

My Bloody Valentine

-- Okay, so that was hauntingly disturbing. I mean, the first part with the two crazy lovers eating each other? eeewww, show! That is the grossest you have ever been. I get that it was necessary for the plot, but it wasn't necessary to show us so freaking much. No, seriously. Not even your Bloody Mary episode or the monster in The Kids Are Alright was this bad. I don't think I will ever recover.

-- For some reason, Famine's look didn't sit quite well with me. I guess I had expected this MASSIVE guy who just eats and eats and eats, not some sickly fella in a wheel-chair. I mean, I get that he has to eat so much because he's so 'weak', but doesn't that fit better with Pestilence? I haven't actually seen Pestilence yet, so I don't know what he'll look like, but... Yeah.

-- The guy eating chips right out of the deep-fryer. GAAAH NONO HIS HANDS, UGH, NEVER WANTED TO SEE THAT.


-- Yeah. I could always do without Sam having blood all around his face like a kid gurgling down cocoa. Ew. Ew. Eeeew.


-- Cas and the hamburgers. Cas and the hamburgers. CAS AND THE HAMBURGERS!!! IF I WAS GIVING THIS SHOW POINTS EVERYTHING CAS DOES IN THIS EPISODE WOULD EARN 10000000000000000000000000 POINTS!!!

Dean's: 'What are you now, the hamburglar?' and their general background-banter while Sam is feaking out in the other end of the room. Seriously. They are so secretly married. Cas/Dean forever.

-- The Cupid. EVERYTHING WITH THE CUPID! Omg!!! Naked!Hugs. Dean's frantic: 'Is this a fight, are we in a fight????'. The boys peer pressuring Cas into apologizing to the Cupid. His 'I have no idea what you're talking about.' His face in general. Most perfect scene ever!

-- Cas speaking Enochian. That is always sexy and hot as all hell

-- Sam at least attempting to fight his hunger for demon-blood

-- Sam in general being awesome

-- Dean being awesome - and not affected! What do you feel, do you reckon Famine is right when he says it's because Dean's already dead inside? That is so messed up. But I feel like there could be so many other things. I mean, Dean's never really had a hardcore obsession like that: we have Jimmy basically being opressed while being used as a Vessel, so it makes sense that Cas - already becoming more human as he loses his connection to Heaven - would become the hamburglar (*giggle*), and of course Sam has MAJOR issues with the demon-blood. And it's not just that: Sam, in general, gets scaringly obsessed - this why I still hold firm in my theory that Sam is much more like John than Dean ever was or ever will be. They both get obsessed to the point of scary with things. Azazel, Lillith, demon-blood, everything. Dean just doesn't have that in him; if Sam's alright, Dean's alright - at least some of the way. So.. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this. I guess I just want Dean to stop hurting, and wouldn't Famine choose his words carefully, say what he knows will break Dean?

-- A thousand points for Jensen's acting in that final scene. His torment as they dry-out Sam again, Cas' reassuring words and Dean's following break-down. Jensen, you do pain so well and it hurts my soul.

Also, I want to kick God in the balls. Just FYI.

-- So in the end, they took Famine's ring didn't they? Are the rings going to be an important plot-point later? Why keep them if it wouldn't???

-- Also, Famine, your ride is even sweeter than War's. And I'm talking about your car, for the record, not the wheel-chair.

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Aka the episode where all my Bobby-feels runs amok

... hmmm


I don't even want to categorize anything in this episode as good good, but it is damn good television. And none of it would have made such an impact if we hadn't seen all the things we've seen, followed these people on their journey, if we didn't know these characters and this world so well as we do.

-- For once, the focus isn't actually on Dean and Sam at all. They spend most of the episode running around confused about what to do and generally out of the loop (or, well, more so than usual) while it's clear from the start that something iffy is going on, and Bobby knows what it is. Can I just say how much I adore the fact that Bobby is always this gruff, tough-lovin' guy, so no-one notices when he's a bit too snappy and is lying to them? He's acting normal. It's normal Bobby behaviour. Only nothing is normal and everything hurts.

-- I want to take a moment to appreciate the fact that the Sheriff knew Bobby! I laughed so much, because you just know it was going to happen some day. Bobby mouthing 'crap' had me in stitches

-- This was also one of the most tense episodes of the show ever. I mean, it seems pretty set-up from the start, zombie coming back blabla. But they're not zombies are they, not really.  And their coming back isn't possible, it's been too many years and Bobby had his wife cremated! And I just kept staring at her and waiting for her to go crazy and rip out someone's throat and she's just so nice and sweet and honest, and Bobby's so happy. I've gotten used to him in the wheel-chair now, and that means I've also gotten used to his absolute haunted look: I didn't even remember how fucking miserable he must be, before he wasn't anymore.

-- When the dead people had turned though... eewwewww. The little boy (Shaun??) with blood all over his face was even worse than Sam with blood all over his face. And he ate his dad. And his mother saw it. God, I love how messed up everything is. It's not just saving a bunch of people from a terrible monster, and then everyone's safe and sound. It's gritty and realistic, and these people had their loved ones back for a few short days and then had to watch as they turned into monsters, and then they lost them all over again. How do you come back from that?

-- I will say it now: Bobby is one of those characters that I didn't expect to love as much as I do. I mean, I went into this show impatiently wanting to get to Cas' episodes, and ended up loving the first three seasons because I fell in love with Dean in a matter of seconds. I didn't expect to care so much for Sam. I didn't expect to cry so hard when Jo and Ellen died. I didn't expect to scream in joy when John came back one last time to help fight Azazel. And I never expected to love Bobby this much. And that's why everything hurts

-- This show really doesn't let any of it's characters be happy.

-- Best thing ever? Death is still around. Are we going to actually see him??? Is he going to be awesome? I mean, they got rid of War and Sam actually killed Famine, but they can't kill Death... can they? How do you even do that? I'm pretty sure that's like one law they can't break. You don't just kill Death. I've read enough fiction to know that there are serious consequences to that.



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