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Review of episode 1x01 of HBO's Game of Thrones. Contains spoilers for the rest of the series as well, plus comparisons to the book, pic-spams and general flailing over all the pretty. Please no spoilers for the rest of the series, as I have only read the very first book!

Now to the pretty...

To start of, the Wall is amazing. It is so much better than anything I could have ever imagined:

This too was creepingly haunting. I cannot remember if it was in the book (I mean, I know the murder was, but the symbol??), but it really set the mood: I mean, this show isn't six minutes in yet, and already we have corpses everywhere and in a few minutes, a man gets beheaded! Yay!

tbh, I had expected the Others to look very different, but this fits pretty well. I'm glad we don't get a proper, good look at them yet, it makes them seem even more gruesome and terrifying

To Winterfell! Here, let me show you my precious baby: Arya Stark. (btw, how awesome is the opening credits? It made me want to cry tears of joy, because clearly the showmakers have been inside my head before making this show. Which isn't possible, because the show was made before I read the book... anyway.)

And the cast continues to be flawless;

Two such beautiful people can only produce cute and adorable off-spring. Exhibit A:

Robb, I just want to rub kittens on your face!!! How is he so pretty?

Jon's face here is priceless: he's like wtf, another wolf. Kit, your facial muscles are stunning and amazing, and you should control them better. This made me giggle like crazy;

Raise of hands: how many of you knew that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was Danish like me? Seeing him here, as Jaime Lannister was such a weird experience, like seeing Mads Mikkelsen as a James Bond-villain, and Nikolaj Lie Kaas as a crazy, religious mass-murderer in Angels & Demons. These are like Denmark's Bruce Willis or Brad Pitt, and there have been periods where not a single Danish movie didn't have them in it. You can hear his accent slipping through sometimes. It makes me unspeakably happy.

Of course, all I could think in this scene was; omg, it's Prince Charming from Shrek. There are internet-memes and pictures of this, yes? Please, god, let there be.

The best scene in the entire episode. Is it weird that I'm jealous of a huge, bald barber?

Starks Assemble!

Whenever Sean Bean smiles, rainbows fill the skies and seven puppies are saved from drowning:

I find Tyrion one of the best and most fascinating characters in the book; it probably helps that he is one of the POV characters. Of course, as this cast is flawless, the actor won me over even more. And while I don't like Jaime this far (having sex with your sister and pushing children out of windows isn't quite what floats my boat, but he's pretty enough to look at, plus he makes me laugh), I do love their interaction: it is clear from the book that Jaime is one of the only, if not the only, Lannister to actually love Tyrion as the brother he is, and not despise him just for what he's born as. Basically; great scene is great. And hilarious.

First shot of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and she is so beautiful I think I actually fainted for just a short second (no, seriously. there was a blackout. i had to rewind the ep. and then i think it happened again)

Everyone its Harry Lloyd! Have I ever mentioned how uncomfortable he makes me? I mean, it's a good thing, in a way. Because the first role I ever saw him in was Will Scarlett in BBC's Robin Hood and he is so sweet and gentle and kind, and then I saw him in Doctor Who as this murdering alien, and he played this inhuman lunatic so well that I didn't even recognize him. And now he's playing this horrible person again, and it's making everything inside me scream nooo, but everything, his whole body language, his facial expressions are just so different, and it really shows just how amazing an actor he is. Even if he doesn't look quite as good as Clarke with that silver hair!

(now kiss... sorry. sorry, it was all I could think about in this scene. Jaime, why are you standing this close? I think maybe you want him. I don't blame you)

Their marriage is perfect and happy and sweet. Well, not perfect, because obviously there is a little problem called Jon Snow. Who I still think isn't actually Ned's son because of him not ever talking about Jon's mother and Lyanna's promise me that we haven't gotten explained yet and now Ned is goddamn dead, so it'll probably take until the end of the last book before we get the answers. Screw you Ned. No seriously. I didn't cry when he died, I flung my book across the room. And imagined it hit Joffrey's face. Muhahaha.

This was another favorite moment: watching Dany hold the eggs for the very first time. It gave me chills!

A great start to this. Let me point out that, even though I am prepared for some things not being like in the book or the way I want them, I am so insanely happy that they've made this into a series instead of a movie. First of all, more range for nakedness and blood (you know I had to go there), but you could never capture all of the really important moments in a 2-3 hour movie. This way they have nine hours for each book - possibly more if there are more episodes in the other seasons. HBO, you make me so happy right now!


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