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Gabriel, you precious monkey..

Spoilers up to and including episode 5x19 Hammer of the Gods.

This might be one of the best, if not the best, episode of Supernatural, because of a myriad of things that I'm not even sure how to get around to it all. So let's just start off with listing them in categories:


We have had Pagan gods appear on the show before, but not until this episode was it actually confirmed that all religions are, fundamentally true; that there have always been Gods, that beings like Kali were worshipped before the Christian God came to. It is all a question of evolution and change, and in the Western society, the Angels rule, because people believe in them. But the old Gods are still here, still alive and kicking and so not ready to take this shit: it's their world too, and furthermore, they're taking an active part in it: what are the Angels doing? Sitting all high and mighty up in Heaven, playing the strings attached to their human puppets. They are removed from people, the very people they're meant to protect, in a way that means they can never understand them. And that is not a good thing.

The idea that we would see other supernatural beings actively fight against the Apocalypse hadn't even struck me. Until the Angels, all things other-wordly has been essentially evil and had to put down. And of course the Pagan Gods aren't all lovey-dovey either; I mean, they eat people. They seem absolutely barbaric to us, a clear sign of why most of the Western world has gone over to Christianity instead. But really, are they that much worse than the Angels? Consider Zachariah, who murder and tortures and absolutely loathes the 'mud-monkeys'. Consider Uriel, whose job, whose whole purpose of being was destroying entire human cities. How is that not just as bad, if not actually worse, because it was their father that created Humans and so, in a way, they are family. Actually, the Pagan gods are on our heroes side, even if their reasons are selfish - and isn't that why Sam and Dean fight too? To preserve their way of living, despite the fact that thousands, billions of people out there are suffering? The show has not skipped over the fact that maybe saying 'yes' to Michael and Lucifer would be better. Maybe this is meant to happen. But that's not the point of the show. The point is to not just sit down and take it, because if there's one things humans can do, it's battle on for what they believe is fair and right. And just because someone does fight for it, doesn't mean it is right, but maybe, just maybe, it is something worth fighting for. And not just sitting down and taking the Angels shit and letting this world end, well, that's a pretty good thing in my book.


I don't want to just skip over what happened in the previous episodes, and in a way I am a bit peeved that we didn't get to hear more about Adam, that they didn't go save him. But I also think that this episode had to happen now, and not sooner or later: we've seen Dean give up, like seriously, c'mon-michael-ride-my-ass give up. And I think he needed to see someone else fight as mercilessly for this world as he has been doing. He's given up on himself, and furthermore, he's given up on Sam. After everything that's happened, now that the show-down is nearing, he is half-expecting to turn around and see Sam gobble up demon-blood or stick a knife in his chest. And I don't blame him. When the going gets tough, Sam gets going, and he's let Dean down so many times now. That's what makes the moment in Point of No Return so much more beautiful, when Sam yells at Dean for wanting to run away from his responsibilities. Dean outrights call Sam on the fact that he's always done this, and Sam answers: 'Yes. And it was a mistake every time'. And the most amazing thing is, I think he means it. He isn't just saying it to make Dean listen. He means it. Ohmygod, my little Sammy, you've finally grown up!


'Damn right they're flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better. To forgive.'

Gabriel is to me the most human of all the angels: yes, even more than Cas, and even more than Anna, who was actually human for a while. Anna was still arrogant, self-rightous and downright cruel (and Cas is a fluffy bunny who should just be hugged forever). And Gabriel? Gabriel is selfish and cowardly. He loves fiercely, and he appears to be hiding behind masks and facades and tricks for show. He pretends to be this arrogant asshole who doesn't give a damn, when in fact, he cares more than anyone else. And isn't that just like us. The first instinct is to flee, exactly what he did when he ran from his family. He couldn't stand to see them tear each other apart, and who the hell can blame him. Even after Changing Channels he still doesn't actively try to go against Michael or Lucifer or in any way help or oppose the brothers, because he's been running for millenia now, and he can't just stop.

Not until he doesn't have any other choice. Not until he realizes that, he might still love his brothers, but what he wants from them, the love and forgiveness that they used to share, it's not going to happen. Everything that Luficer despises in humans, Gabriel loves. And hell, who knows about Michael? To me, he's got a stick so far up his ass you can see it when he yawns. He loves humans because they are his father's creations and his father commanded him to care for them. It is nothing more. Michael is a robot and is only deemed 'better' than Lucifer because he picked the winning side. At least Lucifer is honest and upfront about his opinions. And that's the moment when Gabriel decides to try and put an end to this. He steps away from the sidelines and, in this way, becomes better than his brothers. And its not about believing in the Winchesters or thinking that he can actually win this silly Apocalypse. It's about finally just going for it.

'Brother... don't make me do this'
'No-one makes us do anything'

And leaving the message in that porn-movie? I died laughing. Well, not really because I was so sad he was dead, but what a way to go. Also, I totally called it about the rings! Man, I'm good!

Gabriel, I will miss you so much, you have no idea....


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