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To be honest, I don't think it would solve a lot of problems. I, myself, am a very private person and I would not like someone else to know everything about me. A healthy relationship is also a lot about trust, and it's not always that you can automatically help what you think. A small example could be: 'do I look good in this?' and the first thing you think is 'no'. But after looking more, you might change your mind: now, if  the - most likely - female companion hears ones thoughts about this, she would perhaps get mad and an argument of some kind would ensue, thus not allowing said other companion to change his/her mind.

I think my whole point with this is, that our minds aren't made to be read. Our minds are the places we process things, connect them to other things, file them, store them to memory and each individual mind is too complex a place for any 'outsider' to read them. It's like, taking notes to a class or a meeting, most of the time, only you can find your way around them (unless of course they're nice and clean, and actual sentences, which my mother keeps telling me I should do, but short words are just more fun, and my hand-writing will never be pretty). If actual mind-reading between two emotionally-connected people should actually work, our minds would have to work differently, like, some kind of filter, so only (I hate this word) 'surface-thoughts' would show.

Of course, I admit it could also solve a lot of problems, but I honestly think it would start much more than it would solve. Whenever I meet a cute guy or girl, be it potential love-interest or just friend, I would love to hear their first thoughts about me, because I tend to make a fool out of myself with my clumsiness and weird humor. I'm always going away from a first meeting, thinking 'oh god, they're never gonna wanna talk to me again!' , but in the cases when they do, I always think about what I did right. It would be fantastic to know more about how your closest ones really saw you, and it would be amazing to be able to actually show some of my special people that when I say I find them sweet, beautiful, clever, smart and funny, I reallyreally do mean it. But still, I think privacy of mind is a birth-right and we'll have to work out our relationships in other ways.


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